Introduction To Of Mice And Men Essay

You may begin your essay with a hook of some sort to grab the reader's attention (a quote, an anecdote about friendship or dreams, etc.) or you can simply begin by introducing the title and author as well as a brief synopsis of who George and Lennie are, the background of the time period, and what they are doing (ie: seeking a  better life for themselves in the pursuit of their American Dream [the farm]).

Then continue by explaining that friendship is a complex idea, especially between George and Lennie, as without George, Lennie could not survive, and without Lennie, George would be alone in a world where it is every man for himself. As George says, "guys like us, we're the loneliest guys in the world". (I am sorry I do not own the book and so cannot give you a page number, but George tells Lennie this in the very beginning when they are settling in for night before traveling on to the ranch). Lennie responds by saying that they are different - they have each other ("But not us! I've got you and you've got me!" is Lennie's response).

Moreover, they are different in the fact that they have a dream: their little farm house where they will be able to live off the land and not have to depend on anyone for their income. Therefore, I believe Steinbeck is trying to delve into the fact that without friendship, the world would be a stark and lonely place Every character in the novel represents the theme of loneliness.

State your thesis last. Do not go into detail about your reasoning behind each thesis point, as that should be the focus of each body paragraph. Try something along the lines of, "John Steinbeck provides insight into the complexities of friendship through the characters of George Milton and Lennie Small. Through their co-dependence, their devotion to a better life, and Lennie's eventual death, Steinbeck shows the reader that friendship is at the heart of world in which we live."

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