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Product Design GCSE is 60% Controlled Assessment, and 40% ExamNorlington Boys do AQA GCSE Product Design

Year 11 Product Design 2015-16

– Key Dates

Coursework final hand-in: Thursday March 24th 2016

Exam: Monday June 27th, 9am

 – Exam Revision 2016

Excellent site here to help you prepare for the exam

Prezi about materials

Prezi about Smart and Modern Materials



– Year 11 Homeworks

Cycle 1 homework for year 11 Product Design

Cycle 2 homework for year 11 Product Design

Cycle 3 homework for year 11 Product Design

– Templates

Template 2016

NEW: Coursework How-to guide

IKEA Children’s Products

Section 1 Investigation Photos

Section 2 Development Photos: Alternative link

Mr Parkinson Section 2

Mr Parkinson New Photos

Section 3 Making Photos

Section 4 Testing Photos


Year 10 Product Design

Cycle 1 homework for year 10 Product Design

Cycle 2 homework for year 10 Product Design

Cycle 3 homework for year 10 Product Design


Year 9 Product Design

Cycle 1 homework for year 9 Product Design

Cycle 2 homework for year 9 Product Design

Cycle 3 homework for year 9 Product Design


Examples of Coursework

A* Product Design 2014

Low A Example

B Grade Example

C Grade Example


Past Papers:

2013 Question Paper  + Mark Scheme

2012 Question Paper  + Mark Scheme

2011 Question Paper  + Mark Scheme

2010 Question Paper  + Mark Scheme


Past Papers Topic and Marks Analysis

Materials and components131513181412
Product Analysis616646
Volume Production in School27252517272421
Human factors102411
Product Maintenance42
ICT in designing and making1410121269
Commercial Production0
Design History71010158
Marketing and Advertising511107
Communicating Ideas84


laser model chair template




Product Design Topics

Quality Control


*Product Evolution

*Milk containers: bottle; plastic jug; bag


Health & Safety


*Material properties & combinations

IKEA and flat pack, knock down fittings

*Batch production in school

*Risk Assessments; second link

Inclusive design

*BSI Kitemark

*Legislation: Toy Safety Act

*Bicycle safety features

Anthropometrics and ergonomics in design

ce and other symbols

ICT in manufacture

*ICT in Designing

Just in time production: revision cards

Design a child’s chair in the style of Memphis

Produce enough information for 3rd party manufacture

Materials and their sources

*Product Miles (the same principle as Food Miles)

*Carbon footprint


New and Smart materials

Product marketing

Manufacturing in school

Templates, moulds, jigs, formers & dies

batch production

Environmental considerations

Music player design evolution

Modelling and prototyping in the design process

ICT in developing ideas

*Materials used in packaging: more materials used in packaging

*Market research;methods of market research

*Fourdrinier paper making process

*Print finishes for packaging

*Design Movements: Bauhaus, Memphis, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, De Stijl

*Retro Styling

*Drawing Techniques: perspective, isometric, 3rd angle orthographic


Manufacturing Wooden Products






Block Model Prototypes (click here for alternative Evernote version)

Biomimicry (click here for alternative Evernote version)

Chair Design (click here for alternative Evernote version)

Design Sketches

Creative Packaging

Thermochromic Ink in Products


For inspiration watch these videos:

boomerang chairinteresting chairSketchChair


ACE is a framework for analysing products. ACE stands for:






What shape is it? What does it resemble? What colour is it?

Is it beautiful? What is the theme?

Why is it that shape? Why is it that colour?


How is it made? What materials are used? Is it strong?

Are the materials cheap or expensive?

Can it be repaired? How many have been made?

Is it mass produced? Is it a one-off?

What is the level of production?


Is it comfortable?

Is it easy to use?

Can everyone use it?


Carlton Bookcase, by Ettore Sottsass, Memphis Design


Bold primary and pastel colours. Sharp, jagged shapes, with a stick man figure standing on the top. Patterns cover hard geometric shapes.


This is a one-off (like all Memphis Design), and is made from cheap materials: chipboard and MDF, covered with plastic laminate. The black triangles help support the whole structure.


Angular book-ends would damage books and triangular shapes would be fairly useless at storing books. Like a lot of Memphis design, this piece is primarily about aesthetics.

Use this link to send me your work. Please make sure it has your name on it, preferably the file name: http://www.dropitto.me/olliecollins (password: collins)

The folder is easy -

A web diagram to show how the projects he might do have been searched fro - Cover a range - home work toys leisure with typical projects in each category. For the Robot select toys and expand to investigate what might be involved;
Micro - picaxe - Arduaino - Basic Stamp. Motors driver, Motors , gear boxes, Wheels, LEDs, Body work, Plastics, Modelling, Infra red control, radio control, wire control, Intelligent robots. Object avoidance, Light seeking, line following.
End user and their needs/expectations, Safety,

From this he can create a brief. This is a description of the problem he is trying to solve. (NOTE not the solution)
From the Brief and the analysis he will know what to research, his research should be very focused on what he needs (hence the analysis), work from several sources, books, internet, magazines.
from the research he can formulate a specification. This is his solution to the brief. It should describe the functionality of the product. i.e. what it must do, perhaps what it might do as well as any safety issues.

From the specification he can produce some ideas (perhaps 10 or so) of how he can go about doing the things it says the product will do.

From the best of his ideas he can select those things that will go into the final product - the development. this includes orthographic drawings of every part he has to make. A plan for manufacture and a costings chart. and some 3D modelling.

MAke it

test the product against the specification.

Evaluate the project over all highlighting good points and bad points and any issues you had and how you solved them. Try to show how you think the product could be improved with a few sketches to cover those issues.

Job done A* ;)

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