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Where’d you go Kitten Witch?
Hi Friends! I am so sorry for the accidental hiatus and for worrying so many of you! Earlier in the year I kind of fell into an opportunity to do some more study, and between that and working and the usual spoon deficit, Kitten Witch ended up falling to the wayside. I kept aiming to update next time, then the next week, then the week after, and it just got away from me, then all of a sudden I was avoiding tumblr and social media entirely because I hadn’t caught up and I felt so bad. But my aim now is to find a reasonable schedule that I CAN maintain, knowing all of my other commitments and needs, so hopefully we’ll be back to updating in the next few weeks!

Schedule Changes
My study is either going to take me through to the end of 2018, or wrap up this June/July, but I won’t know until closer to the date. So, for the time being, Kitten Witch won’t have a set schedule, but I will try to update once a week. I’m still going to be around answering messages and asks whenever I get the chance, though!

A Note
It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. There are going to be set backs, but you’re going to get there. I see how much effort you’re putting into surviving, and it is phenomenal. YOU are phenomenal. You are battling a world that didn’t account for you, and you are winning just by existing. I am so grateful you’re here with me now, friend, so thank you for choosing to keep going. When it gets lonely, please remember there’s always going to be a kitten in your corner 💖

Softness & Warmth,

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