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BBCL - Stanburry Manapakkam

An enhanced lifestyle in a luxury villa located in the green urban areas of Manapakkam. Not a far away dream! It comes to you in the form of BBCL Stanburry – a new range of luxury boutique villas that represents a whole new style of living for you and for your family.

A home at Stanburry is synonymous with luxury that’s truly unique. It has independent boutique villas secluded in the privacy of Manapakkam’s greenery, yet proximal to the arterial main road and loaded with amenities that are in a class of their own. Stanburry is an exemplar of contemporary community living for the modern urban family. BBCL Stanburry row villas are designed to give you the space you need for yourself and your beautiful joint family. Well designed and spacious contemporary life in a modern urban style surrounded by other happy Stanburry luxury villa owners.

BBCL Stanburry turns life luxurious with its royal boutique villas. Stanburry is all about more space for a peaceful and luxury-laden living. Since everyone in the family needs their own privacy and space to grow, you can set yourself out into the gardens, the spacious terrace or balconies.

Living luxury and living it GREEN

When it comes to green living we understand its importance. BBCL Stanburry is pre-certified Gold by the Indian Green Building Council which means that green living at BBCL Stanburry is an eco-friendly project in its entirety. The entire project has been designed to be eco-friendly and enable green choices. This is made possible through energy-efficient practices and technologies using as many natural, renewable resources as possible such as optimal use of natural light.

Something that’s good to know: Lux is the measure of the intensity of light as perceived by the human eye. Technically, a well-lit area is one that employs 108 lux or more of natural light.

BBCL Stanburry uses scientific sun path analysis to optimise the use of natural light. Every villa is designed to ensure that more than 75% of the area is naturally lit outside the well-lit range of 108 lux. This translates to reduced usage of electricity during the day. Better light, better ventilation, better health.

The Amenities:

There are shared amenities as a part of the villa experience that will let you experience a complete different lifestyle packed with pleasure, refreshment and excitement such as a party hall, a fitness centre, Infinity pool with spacious changing rooms and off-course a kid`s park for your small happy ones.

About the location: Manapakkam is an urban area is well connected by roads. It is 5.3 kilometres from Guindy and 5.2 km from Porur. This Census town is a home to a lot of IT companies. Stanburry is surrounded with 3 medical institutions, 5 educational institutions and 2 financial institutions, all just a few kilometres away.

All that’s left for you to do is visit the site and get a taste of the BBCL Stanburry experience for yourself. You can reach us @ +91-44 66 20 57 57 as wel. After all, when it comes to your happiness, it’s you who comes first.

About BBCL: Established in 1986, BBCL is trusted developer for villas, plots and apartments in Chennai operating in 3segments such as Premium/Luxury/Ultra Luxury. Currently the company has over 2 million sq.ft of residential spaces in various locations. In the last two decades, the company has executed over 40 projects in the city. BBCL aims to set new standards for quality in creating the home that reflects its true brand philosophy, "Adding Life To Living". Our easily approachable team is aware of how important a home buying experience is, catering to every query and requirement of clients is of chief primacy at BBCL.

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