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Are you looking for a high-quality education that is also of great financial value? Would you like to attend classes while enjoying sunny weather all year-round? How about the ability to learn from an institution with a particular focus on research and innovation?

If this sounds like your kind of place, then the University of Florida is the school for you!

Whether you already have your admissions letter in hand (in which case, congrats!) or are trying to decide if the University of Florida Advanced Placement (AP) credits system can help you reach your goals more quickly, we have the information you need.

This article provides an overview of the University of Florida’s AP credit reference materials and can help you understand what it takes to make your AP scores count for college credit. You’ll also learn about the benefits of using AP tests to shorten the amount of time it takes to receive your degree, or how you can build in some time off during your degree.

If you are ready to make sure your high school experience means the most once you reach college, then keep reading and let us show you where AP credits can take you.

Fast Facts about the University of Florida (UF)

  • UF ranks in the top 15 of US public universities
  • Undergraduates can choose from more than 100 majors
  • The mascot is the Gator
  • Research at UF developed the original formula for Gatorade
  • School colors are blue and orange
  • Notable alumni include two Nobel Prize Laureates, six Pulitzer Prize winners, and eight astronauts

The Numbers

Based on data from the CollegeBoard for 2015, the University of Florida has:

  • 35,043 Undergraduates
  • 16,243 Graduate students
  • 7,192 First-time freshmen

Only 48 percent of the 29,837 total applicants were accepted for the 2015-2016 school year, making UF a very selective school.

Even though the rate of acceptance at UF is higher than those of Ivy League schools, you still have to make sure you have the best credentials possible to secure your place when you apply. UF gives certain factors more weight when deciding which applicants will make the final cut. Your academic GPA, application essay, and general character are examined closely, as well as your choice of extracurricular activities. The rigor of your secondary school record is considered in your placement, as well as any indications of general talent and ability.

Since the admissions department considers the difficulty of your high school course load, attending as many AP classes as possible can help your chance of acceptance. If you obtain AP exam scores of 3, 4 or 5, you may be able to shorten the total amount of time required to complete your degree.

So, what comes next after you receive your AP test scores? Here’s a breakdown.

Advanced Standing at the University of Florida

Before exploring the details of the UF AP credits policy, it helps to understand how Advance Standing works in most university environments.

Once you are accepted as an incoming student, you will receive a graduation plan. This plan outlines the classes and credits you must obtain to receive your chosen degree. Often, incoming students assume they must complete every course that is listed. In fact, that isn’t always the case. Certain previous experiences, including the receipt of acceptable AP exam scores while you are in high school, allow you to skip over certain classes.

Why would they let you bypass a class? It’s pretty simple. Most schools don’t want you to waste your time learning information that you already know. There are a variety of ways you can earn college credits for activities completed outside of college.

The University of Florida takes the following into consideration for Advanced Placement:

Previous college coursework:

While the purpose of this article is to inform you of the University of Florida’s AP credit policies, it is helpful to know that there are additional qualifications that can also help accelerate your degree plan.

So, why should you care about earning college credits through AP scores? Here are just a few of the enticing reasons:

  • Skip lower-level courses and proceed to those related to your major
  • Take a semester off and graduate on time
  • Graduate a semester or full academic year early

If you find any of those ideas appealing, then check out how you can use AP scores to help you get ahead.

University of Florida’s AP Credits Policy

To have your AP scores considered for credit, you will need to have your official AP grade report sent directly to the University of Florida. The CollegeBoard can send the scores to AP code 5812.

If you want to know which scores translate into college credits, and how those credits are applied, review the chart below:

AP Exam



Course Equivalent

Art History33ARH 2000
46ARH 2000 and 2050
56AHR 2000 and 2050
Studio Art 2D33ART 1201C
43ART 1201C
53ART 1201C
Studio Art 3D33ART 1203C
43ART 1203C
53ART 1203C
Studio Art Drawing Portfolio33ART 2305C
43ART 2305C
53ART 2305C
Biology34BSC 2005/2005L
44BSC 2010/2010L
58BSC 2010/2010L and 2011/2011L
AB34MAC 2311
44MAC 2311
54MAC 2311
BC34MAC 2311
48MAC 2311 and 2312
58MAC 2311 and 2312
Chemistry34CHM 1020/0301L
44CHM 2045/2045L
58CHM 2045/2045L and 2046/2046L
Chinese35CHI 2230
410CHI 2230 and 2231
510CHI 2230 and 2231
Computer Science
Computer Science A33CGS 0301
43CGS 0301
53CGS 0301
Macroeconomics34ECO 2013
44ECO 2013
54ECO 2013
Microeconomics34ECO 2023
44ECO 2023
54ECO 2023
Language and Composition33ENC 1101
46ENC 1101 and 1102
56ENC 1101 and 1102
Literature and Composition33AML 2070
46AML 2070 and LIT 2120
56AML 2070 and LIT 2120
Environmental Science
Environmental Science33ISC 0301
43ISC 0301
53ISC 0301
Language34FRE 2220
48FRE 2220 and 2221
58FRE 2220 and 2221
Language33GER 2200
46GER 2200 and 2240
56GER 2200 and 2240
Government and Politics
Comparative33CPO 2001
43CPO 2001
53CPO 2001
United States33POS 2041
43POS 2041
53POS 2041
European History33EUH 0301
46EUH 2000 and 2001
56EUH 2000 and 2001
U.S. History33AMH 0301
46AMH 2010 and 2020
56AMH 2010 and 2020
World History33WOH0301
Human Geography
Human Geography33GEO 2420
43GEO 2420
53GEO 2420
Language34ITA 2220
48ITA 2220 and 2221
58ITA 2220 and 2221
Language35JPN 2230
410JPN 2230 and 2231
510JPN 2230 and 2231
Latin33LNW 2321
43LNW 2321
53LNW 2321
Music Theory
Music Theory33MUT 1001 or 1121
43MUT 1001 or 1121
53MUT 1121
Physics 135PHY 2053/2053L
45PHY 2053/2053L
55PHY 2053/2053L
Physics 235PHY 2054/2054L
45PHY 2054/2054L
55PHY 2054/2054L
Physics B35PHY 2053/2053L
410PHY 2053/2053L and 2054/2054L
510PHY 2053/2053L and 2054/2054L
Physics C Electricity and Magnetism35PHY 2054/2054L
44PHY 2049/2049L
54PHY 2049/2049L
Physics C Mechanics35PHY 2053/2053L
44PHY 2048/2048L
54PHY 2048/2048L
Psychology33PSY 2012
43PSY 2012
53PSY 2012
Research33IDS 0301
43IDS 0301
53IDS 0301
Seminar33IDS 0301
43IDS 0301
53IDS 0301
Language33SPN 220
46SPN 2200 and 2201
56SPN 2200 and 2201
Literature33SPW 0301
46SPW 0301
56SPW 3100 and 0301
Statistics33STA 2023
43STA 2023
53STA 2023

Here are some additional policy details from the University of Florida:

  • Credit will only be awarded once for each course
  • Credits awarded based on the results of multiple exams will yield the most credit for which the student is eligible
  • A maximum of 45-semester credits will be awarded for all exam results regardless of the exam source
  • Exam scores must be reported before the end of the student’s first enrollment term
  • Credits will be awarded the grade P for Pass and will not factor into the student’s GPA

To be admitted to an undergraduate program at UF as an incoming freshman, your high school transcript has to meet the following requirements as well:

  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 4 years
  • Social Studies: 3 years
  • Science: 3 years (with two labs)
  • Single foreign language: 2 sequential years
  • A cumulative C average (2.0 GPA)

Additionally, you must submit either a score of 500 or more on each of the SAT Verbal and SAT Math sections or a minimum score of 19 on the ACT Reading and ACT Math exams.

Since you have to take high school classes that cover specific subjects, why not make them count for more? Take as many AP courses as you can manage and make those credits work twice as hard!

Now that you know what you need to do to get a head start on your degree let’s check out the other undergraduate academic requirements.

University of Florida’s Undergraduate Academic Requirements

Regardless of your chosen major, certain classes are required of all students entering an undergraduate program. Here is a look at the general education requirements set by the University of Florida:

  • Composition: 6 credits
  • Mathematics: 6 credits
  • Humanities: 6, 9 or 12 credits
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: 6, 9 or 12 credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6, 9 or 12 credits
  • International: 3 credits
  • Diversity: 3 credits

Luckily, you have the chance to use AP scores to meet many of these requirements. That means you can receive credit for the work you have already done, letting you focus more time on your major.

University of Florida’s Campus Vibe

The University of Florida provides students with the opportunity to be involved with over 1,000 student organizations and also has a strong fraternity and sorority presence. You can add your personal touch to the 34th Street Wall in Gainesville, attend the largest student-run pep rally as part of the Gator Growl, or enjoy public access to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for a great run.

UF prides itself on being a high-energy school that features a quality academic experience, so why not consider making it your home for your undergraduate degree?

A Quick Review

Before you become overwhelmed by all of the information, here are a few key points to keep in mind while you plan your future at the University of Florida:

  • UF AP accepts scores from 3 to 5 for credit
  • All students must meet general educational requirements
  • AP credits can be used to meet general education classes and courses related to your major

Now that you know the secret to accelerating your degree plan, you’re ready to move forward!

What are the Next Steps?

Wondering what to do now to start earning UF AP credits? If you aren’t enrolled in any AP classes in your high school, take a look at which are often deemed the hardest and easiest to complete successfully. Review the information and see which options seem right for you.

You can also review more detailed information on classes like AP English Language, AP US History, and more at!

So, what’s holding you back? Get started today!

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