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Konichiwa, watashi no namae wa Shania desu. Jyuusan sai desu. Hachi nensei desu. Tenisu to gakkou ga suki desu. Umi wa suki ja nai desu. Dokusho shumi wa nan desu. Logan ni umare mashita. Rainbow – Beach de sodachimashite. Eagleby ni sunde imasu. Oosutoraria jin desu. Kazoku wa san nin imasu. Kazoku wa ichiban taisetsu na koto desu. Sushi wa totemo daisuki desu. Hachigatsu to Kyuugatsu wa tokuni suki na kisetsu desu. Kenkoshoku ni kyoumi ga arimasu. Ongaku wa daisuki de taisetsu desu. Gemu o shimasu. Hima na toki wa tomodachi to asonde imasu. Jasmin ga watashi no ichiban tomodachi desu ga Terry – Ann to Breanna wa tomodachi desu. Kokosei desu. Hito wa ii gakusei to imasu. Watashi ni shukyo wa taisetsu desu. Denwa bangoo wa zero shi san san san no zero ichi kyu ni roku desu. Arigato gozaimasu, doozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.


Hello, my name is Shania. I am 13 years old. I am in grade 8. I like tennis and school. I dislike the beach. Reading is my hobby. I was born in Logan. I grew up in Rainbow Beach. I live in Eagleby. I am Australian. There are 3 people in my family. My family comes 1st. I love sushi. August and September are my favourite months of the year. I’m into healthy eating. Music is my life. I am a video game addict. In my spare time I like to hang with friends. Jasmin is my #1 friend but Terry-Ann and Breanna are my friends. I am in high school. People say I am hard-working. Religion is very important to me. My phone number is 04333 01926. Thank-you, I am forever in your debt.

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There is a world of difference between reading Japanese that has been specially contrived for students and reading real Japanese — that is, real-world Japanese written for native speakers. The contrived variety might be called schoolmarm Japanese: standard to the point of insipidity, controlled to the point of domestication, restricted to the point of impoverishment. The "Read Real Japanese" series, comprising one volume each of essays and fiction, provides the real thing — lively writings by contemporary authors.

"Read Real Japanese Essays" presents short works by eight established writers, including Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto. The essays are by turns humorous, insightful, and biting; all are stimulating works that will teach you a wealth about Japanese writing and motivate you to read more.

Following the form of real Japanese writing, the text runs from top to bottom, right to left. To guide you in your reading, each double-page spread features translations of nearly every sentence or phrase, making it possible to understand the meaning at a glance. Moreover, in the back of the book is a tailor-made Japanese-English dictionary covering all the words appearing in the essays, and a series of notes that elucidate issues of nuance, usage, grammar, and culture.

Best of all, the book comes with a free audio CD containing narrations of the works, performed by a professional actress. This will help you to get used to the sounds and rhythms of Japanese, as well as the speed at which the language is normally spoken.

For intermediates and beyond; for the classroom and for the car; for the intellect and for the ear: "Read Real Japanese Essays" is your gateway to the pleasures of reading first-rate nonfiction by Japanese authors — in the original.

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