Narrative Essay Procrastination

Why Do We Procrastinate

Procrastination is when you put off a task so as to do it at a later date. At times we want to do task when almost the deadlines is and some people even forget about these tasks forever. It is said that procrastination is a cause of failure for many people. Unfortunately almost everybody in the world is affected by this problem of procrastination. Procrastination leads to frustration, stress, wasted time, low self esteem, lost opportunities poor academic performance and shoddy jobs. However, if you took your time to manage your time and tasks well you will not have the problem of having to put off a task. Procrastination is therefore related with poor time management.

Reasons why we procrastinate

In most cases, people put off tasks that are not pleasing to them. They want to do what they enjoy first and then finish tasks that they do not enjoy last and in short times. It is thus true to say that people underestimate tasks and think they are easy and do not need much time and thus put them off to very close to the deadlines. Tasks that are complex or difficult will also be pushed to last in the list of to do. It is the human nature that we want to take on the easy tasks that we will enjoy. We also do not want to do a task that we dislike and will thus put them off to the last things we have to do. Another major thing that causes procrastination is being afraid of failure. Especially when you feel that you are not ready for that task. Anxiety will build up and you will choose to put off the task so as to prepare or wait for information from elsewhere. Many people also put off tasks because they are engaged or are trying to do tasks that they do not have passion for. Others want to put off a task and wait till they have good mode. It is good to note that once you start on a task you will soon have the good mode that you wanted for the task.

How to stop procrastination?

The best way to avoid procrastination is managing your time well. Once you have set out a to do list, you should make sure that you have the discipline to do follow the activities in that order. This will make sure that you do not put off a task. Always check a task properly so that you do not make the wrong judgment about it.


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        It is Monday morning and I have slept in, thanks to Thanksgiving. In

fact, it's twelve o'clock and I am free for the afternoon. As usual, I sit in

front of the television after I clean myself up, staring endlessly at the

screen with my finger clicking on the remote. I realize that I have a draft due

on Thursday, but I justify my procrastination with reasons like: "there is still

lots of time."


        Life is faster now, and people in the 00's are supposed to organize and

plan in order to keep up; however, it seems to me that more people are

procrastinating than ever before. When I ask people why they procrastinate, they

often supply reasons like: this task won't take me a long time; the pressure

makes me to work more efficiently; there were emergencies; and there were other

important things. Some of these reasons sounds legitimate, but I think these

reasons are just excuses for people's fear of failure, fear of lost security,

and need for pressure.


       Back high school, I had a friend, Eric, who dropped out of school

because of bad grades. As his friend, I knew he was doing fine until the period

of final exams. He was a smart and responsible person which laziness is not a

factor of his bad grades. Eric could not pick up the books soon enough before

the exam because he was afraid of failure. Since Eric's older brothers had

achieved excellence academic records and great careers, Eric' parents expected

him to follow his brothers' foot step. As the result, Eric was afraid to try

because he feared to fail his parents' expectation. When he realized the problem,

it was too late.


        It is two o'clock in the morning. The computer is on, the coffee maker

is cooking, and I am under a lot of stress. "There isn't a lot of time left," I

keep telling my self as I watch the blank piece of paper in front of me. "I know

I can do it," I keep encouraging my self while my mind generates zero ideas for

my essay: which is due six hours from now.


        Everyone I know procrastinates, my friends, relatives, even people in

government. Back in Taipei, the Mayor, Mayor Chen, delayed getting rid of gangs

in the city.


        "I am going to issue a policy that will eventually stop gangs from

spreading in our community," promised Mayor Chen of Taipei during his election

campaign. Mayor Chen won the election, but he didn*t do anything about the gangs

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for three years. He was afraid of success. If he got rid of the gangs, he would

hurt the economy and if he hurt the economy, he would lose his job. Finally,

pressure made him act.


        "Mayor Chen's dragnet operation has l successfully disintegrate Taiwan's

sinister gangs' infiltration into Taiwan's economy,"  and "The successful

dragnet operation will secure the Mayor Chen's percentage of votes in the next

month's election," are the headlines in recent newspapers.


        This is a situation where I just start writing my term paper six hours

before the date line. I was given two weeks time to complete the essay, but I

could not put my mind on the assignment until I felt the stress from the time

limitation pressure. I do have spare time and thoughts of writing the essay

within the two weeks; however, the my tendency laziness won battle over the my

sense of responsibility.


        I need pressure to get me working.


        No matter what anyone is or what anyone does, every now and then he will

procrastinate. Procrastination is a tendency that substantially exists in the

human nature. People can always fight procrastination with consistency or sense

of responsibility but they will never win the battle.

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