The Legal Environment Of Business A Critical Thinking Approach Ebook

For courses in business law and the legal environment of business.


Help readers understand the legal aspect of business by incorporating critical thinking and ethical analysis

The Legal Environment of Business: A Critical Thinking Approach introduces readers to the legal side of business using a clear, well-developed, eight-step critical thinking model. This book uses some of the most significant real-life legal cases to help readers develop their knowledge about the relationship between business and the legal system. Distinguishing itself by emphasizing the critical thinking skills necessary to survive in today’s competitive global business environment, the text also incorporates ethical analysis and considers the impact of values on legal outcomes.


This Eighth Edition has been updated with more current cases, new suggested readings, and new chapters concerning immigration law and the America Invents Act, which significantly impacts patent law. The text further sets itself apart through additional features that connect the law to other disciplines beyond business, introduces a balanced mix of current and classic cases, and presents lists to encourage further reading and exploration of various topics.

I. Introduction to the Law and Legal Environment of Business

1. Critical Thinking and Legal Reasoning

2. Introduction to Law and the Legal Environment of Business

3. The American Legal System

4. Alternative Tools of Dispute Resolution

5. Constitutional Principles

6. White-Collar Crime and the Business Community

7. Ethics, Social Responsibility, and the Business Manager

8. The International Legal Environment of Business


II. Private Law and the Legal Environment of Business

9. The Law of Contracts and Sales I

10. The Law of Contracts and Sales II

11. The Law of Torts

12. Product and Service Liability Law

13. Law of Property: Real and Personal

14. Intellectual Property

15. Agency Law

16. Law and Business Associations I

17. Law and Business Associations II


III. Public Law and the Legal Environment of Business

18. The Law of Administrative Agencies

19. The Employment Relationship and Immigration Laws

20. Laws Governing Labor-Management Relations

21. Employment Discrimination

22. Environmental Law

23. Rules Governing the Issuance and Trading of Securities

24. Antitrust Laws

25. Laws of Debtor-Creditor Relations and Consumer Protection

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