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Database Project Ideas

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  • A proper explanation of project topic like if topic is gym management system then a one page description of it ( As per your requirement, it can be more lengthy or short)
  • Required database diagram ( Like ER Diagram, Use case Diagram etc)
  • Data dictionary ( If required)
  • Database Tables
  • Explanation of relationship between the tables
  • Database Queries ( Like SQL Query)
  •  Interfaces and Forms ( If required)

These are the general things which need to be added in a database project, but if you got a specific requirement file and instruction file then provide the file to me and I will do everything accordingly.

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A modern research has highlighted that 92 percent of data in the contemporary world was created in the last two years itself. Millions of application and storage devices are being used for sorting and storing these data in a smart way.

While data and smartly developed databases continue to rule the world of the Internet, there lies a huge opportunity for every final year student to create something out of the box and obtain really impressive grades. Final year project happens to be the most important part of college life; this one project alone decides the fate of your career. From here you can go ahead and be the one you always wanted to be or you may end up rewriting the same paper again and again.

When it comes to Final year project, depending on an expert is always the best idea. We bring to you a series of database project ideas to choose from. Let us know your favorite database project idea and we will help you acquire the best grade possible.

What is Database and why is database project ideas important for students?

It is very important that students have a proper understanding of what a database actually is. An understanding database is a very first step towards developing a great site or online portal. A Database is the smartest possible arrangement of available data that ensures easier insertion, deletion, and sorting of new and old data.

A database can be of varied nature, it can be relative, with well-defined relations that promote accessibility. A database can also be as simple as an Excel sheet. Database project ideas are important for students because the dynamic nature of the Internet is changing things at a faster pace than ever. Accessing the latest information and storing every rubbish file is getting important for people hence developing smart databases is the need of the hour.

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Why will simple database project ideas fetch you the best of grades?

A lot of students tend to go ahead with a project that sounds difficult. The smart guys will always take a unique project and try to solve it with the help of a smart database project. There are thousands of database project ideas to choose from but doing justice to them is really difficult. One needs to be really well versed with the intricacies of database development in order to create a project that helps you win under all circumstances.

Simple database project ideas are going to fetch the maximum marks because they will be easier to understand and use. Solving and simplifying problems is two different things. One database that solves a problem in the simplest way has marketable potential and can earn benefits in the long run. Hundred Unique Database Project Ideas for Students:

Here we bring to you well researched and unique database project ideas for students. If you are one of those final year students then you can depend on our quality database development services and be sure about the good grades. We aim to help students come over innocuous challenges by providing them with the best of development services.

We are the epitome when it comes to database development. All these unique database project ideas for students listed here are our forte. We tend to develop all of these if you are in need. Come to us and you will never regret your decision of going ahead with us.

Note: Every possible database project ideas we include here needs to be integrated with websites/software packages or applications developed either on Python,Net, PHP, C# or the latest developing languages.

1. Property Management System Database Project Idea:

Property Management System Database topic can be very interesting database project idea for you, here you can add so many interesting features on it and you can make it a good level database project.

A property management system that helps people with the right property is the need of the hour. A property management system needs a database that has relative properties that simplifies addition and searching. One can make use of related keywords like address or street no. In order to locate a property hence it is one of those unique ideas with huge potential. Any student undertaking this project as the final project will be able to fetch good marks.

2. Water Supply Management System Database  Project Idea

Managing data of every connection manually is impossible. A well-developed system with an eloquently integrated database will do wonder for people. Along with people, the supplier will also be able to enjoy hassle-free business management. This is one database project that solves the most difficult problem of the modern world and will help institutions save millions of Dollars.

3. Library book management database:

The Issue and Return of books at a library is the most difficult task to manage. An automated system with a powerful database will make things easier for an institution as well for users. Students will be able to return books through varied kiosks and will be able to save themselves from the applied fines.

4. Hostel seat booking system database:

Universities with thousands of students can rely on a database that simplifies management procedures. One can always use a related database for ensuring that no same room is allotted to one or more kids. This one project is the need of the hour and will solve really important issues.

5. Generation System Database:

Governments can use a similar platform for managing records better. This one platform will allow governments to keep a tab on the growing population. This unique database project can also be used to identify people from varied creed. Such projects are going to be really beneficial to government offices.

6. Club Membership Database System:

A database is required everywhere more than one person is involved. It is probably the most unique and simple database projects students can undertake. This project will help students fetch good marks.

7. Flower Bouquet Management System Database:

A unique and simple database that allows flower merchants to manage their business really well. It is true that simple database project ideas can put the growth of businesses on automatic mode. Entrepreneurs can enjoy such unique facilities for easier business development. Hence there lies huge potential in this final year database project.

8. Insurance Management System Database:

A simple system with a powerful database that allows insurance merchants to simplify their business. One such database will make money dispense easier and fun. Enterprises can depend on such unique database project ideas and can save millions of dollars.

9. I-card generation system database:

Universities and offices yet again can use this simple system with a strong database for setting things straight. A well-developed database will leverage enterprises with the power to pass on messages with just one click.

10. Certificate Management System Database:

Not just government, private institutions can also use this system for managing data better. Keeping a record of all your employees in a sorted way will help the enterprises move in the right direction.

11. Electric Bill System Database:

Private electric companies have always been in a need of unique database. This is one of the most profitable SQL databases project ideas to undertake and acquire good marks.

12. Course management system database:

The simple interface with an updated database at the backend is no less than a beauty. Every university or private tutor can use a unique database for displaying the unique courses they are offering.

13. Inventory Management System:

Running successful e-commerce with a well-written database is impossible. One of the best Oracle database projects to undertake and accomplish with great skills. This one project allows students to showcase their skills really well.

14. Grocery Stock Management Database:

Every grocery startup like Grofers and Bigbasket is dependent on their databases for successful management. Managing grocery stock and ensuring proper delivery, all of these are the attributes of a strong database. One of the highest scoring oracle database project ideas is this.

15. Client Management System Database:

A database that keeps a well- organized record of every client, his or her package, and requirement. One can always depend on this system for putting their business on automatic mode.

16. Tax Calculation System Database:

Be it for an enterprise for government usage. This tax calculation system database has the power to do amazing things. It is one of the most ambitious oracle database project ideas for the final year. One can surely impress faculty with this as their final year project.

17. Stadium seat booking system:

A database that avoids allocation of one seat to one or more person is surely the need of the hour. A smartly developed database for stadium seat management system will prevent errors. One such database will make things smoother.

18. Hotel Management System Database:

Manage your hotel rooms, staff, and visitors better with a hotel management system that runs on an exquisite database.

19. Course selection system database:

Use the power of database for leveraging your site users with a hassle free experience. One can always depend on this oracle database project ideas for good grades.

20. Fruit selling management system database:

A simple system with a strong database to solve your problems. Put your business on automatic mode with this oracle database project ideas.

21. Token booking management system database:

Managing tokens are now going to be easier. A token management system with a properly developed database will allow enterprises to manage customers better. It is one of the best SQL database project ideas to undertake in final year.

22. Student housing system database:

Universities can now manage their students and their grievances really well. This one system simplifies databases and allows people to enjoy quality services. It can be undertaken SQL database project ideas as well as Oracle Database Project


23. Service request system database:

A system that tends to take request and allot services will need a smart database. Undertaking this as a final year project will help students impress teachers with great ease.

24. Home renting system database:

When you can sell homes online then why not rent it too? A home renting system with well-developed database will make finding tenant easier than ever.

25. Marriage Hall booking system database:

A database will all the information related to halls. This database will allow people to book and cancel halls with great ease. One of the best final year projects to work on.

26. Complaint management system database:

A centralised system for managing complaints. Databases of such systems require special efforts hence they can help you gain good marks.

27. Event management system database:

A unique system with a well- developed database that will simplify event management procedures. Enterprises will be able to manage resources, dates and people well.

28. Luggage import & export system database:

Airport authorities and courier enterprises can use this database for simplifying things. They can always upload all the data and access them whenever required.

29. University health care database:

Keeping a tab on the all students who were once affected with a lethal disease is now easier. A health care database improves the accessibility. It also allows universities to ensure healthy environment.

30. Learning management system:

One touch platform where a student can access info related to his courses and exams. This type of databases are in demand across the world hence will fetch more marks. It is one of the best Oracle database project ideas to work on.

31. Restaurant Order system database:

Online eating joints that take order and deliver food accordingly will be able to manage orders easier. A strong database will allow enterprises to process orders from one place with great ease.

32. Restaurant management system database:

Multinational hotel companies and government can use such databases for keeping a tab on all restaurants.

33. Employee referral system database:

This system will keep the count of referrals one employee received. Great way of sorting employees on the basis of performance.

34. Employee Performance review system database:

This is the need of hour. Every enterprise needs this database. This database will promote transparency and remove personal favours that are made.

35. Employee vacation system database:

Use the available resources and ensure a database development that keeps true record of vacations. Employees are going with this system.

36. Time management system database:

A pre-defined schedule with all the details will promote promptness at the workplace.

37. Document Management System database:

Manage all documents from one window. Work out a way that ensures proper alignment and easier removal. One of the most unique Oracle database project ideas to work on for final year project.

38. Employee track and report system database:

A unique database that records everything that an employee does. A database that keeps record that all work is done on time.

39. Task management database:

Well-defined relations that will sort as soon as they are added to database will improve ease of working. One can always go ahead and sale it later to startups and existing enterprises.

40. Employee attendance system database:

Now managing attendance and keeping a tab on employees is going to be easier. This unique database will help managers ensure proper attendance for every employee.

41. Employee rewarding system database:

One of the best SQL database project ideas to undertake and impress faculties. This project will take a lot of effort. Defining varied relations will take a lot of effort but at the end everything is going to be worthy.

42. Student supervision management system:

One of the rare projects that will require SQL expertise. One needs to develop a module and integrate database with that module. It will take time and efforts. This one project will fetch more marks than any other contemporary project.

43. Student information system database:

This one project will help kids understand the nuances better. They will be able to keep a tab on varied information related to a particular student.

44. Student result system database:

The simple use of database can help universities see that all results are stored and processed properly. This is one of the best database project ideas to build.

45. Library management system database:

This one database will benefit universities as well as students. The number of books lost will be decreased. Also the number of fines imposed will decrease.

46. Online CV Builder:

A unique system that takes input and prepares a CV also requires a Database. A database that fills up the part of the CV will make it easier for people to get their CVs made.

47. Student monitoring system database:

Student monitoring system will require a database in order to identify varied students. The distinct data will be used for managing students better.

48. Online voting system database:

Managing data of every person who is eligible to vote. A database that also ensures that no one person puts in two votes. This is going to be a rage in coming times.

49. Online bookstore database:

An e-commerce site is bound to fail without a database. One needs to develop a database that has well-defined relations in order to cater better. One of the most difficult Oracle database project ideas to work upon.

50. Online discussion forum database:

A database where all discussions are store will be helpful in the long run. The available data will allow people to prepare research papers with great ease.

51. Online job portal database:

A database that includes the latest job opening details and also the details of eligible candidates. Matching perfect candidate with the right job will make this database a success.

52. Online Art Gallery Database:

Finding the right art with great ease. This database will empower artists as well as art lovers. One of the easiest SQL database project ideas to work upon.

53. Hostel management system database:

A system that ensures that every student has access to all the facilities. One of the best ways of monitoring every student and their activities on the campus.

54. Online banking system database:

A database that holds the entire login credentials and authenticate accounts whenever required.

55. Online newspaper database:

So that researchers can go back in time and come up with the best of details available. This project will help you

acquire good grades. This is a unique idea to pursue.

56. Social Networking database:

A very complex and related database is required for social networking sites. One needs to be really smart while creating one. One of the most difficult oracle database project ideas to work upon.

57. Online property dealing:

You can build your own site and create a database that has every information related to properties you are dealing in. allow customers to enjoy one point access to all the properties that are up for grab.

58. Airline reservation system database:

Managing all data really well and leveraging air passengers with access to the best of information. One of the hardest database project ideas to work upon and impress faculties.

59. Gas booking system database:

This one database manages all gas connection well. One point access for booking gas is now open to one and all.

60. Video streaming database:

A huge database that will either store all the videos or relative links to those videos. Requires a lot of development work.

61. Online shopping database:

This is unique and one of the most in demand projects to work upon. One can always use the related database and leverage e-commerce sites with the power to do more.

62. Hotel management system database Project:

A database that makes it easier for hotel manager to manage rooms and their in-house staff. This is different from the one enterprises use for managing their hotels.

63. Cinema booking system Project:

A database that provides you with the details of all the movies that are currently running in cinemas. Such databases have simplified lives for better.

64. Bus reservation system database Project:

This one system helps people commute from one place to other. The huge database keeps information related to every bus. The real time data is also stored here.

65. Car rental system database:

Renting our cars for business purpose will require a huge database. One needs to keep records of every car that was rented.

  1. Event management system database:

This will promote transparency and will make things clear. One can always depend upon such database for easier management of available resources.

67. Article search engine database:

A database that manages all the articles and keeps a tab on all of them.

68. Inventory management system database:

This one system will require hell lot of input and efforts. One needs to work really hard on this and make it a success.

69. Invoice billing database:

A system that has a price list and recognises whenever a keyword is entered. One of the best databases ever developed for shopping complexes. One of the best oracle database project ideas for final year students.

70. Online college management database:

Managing a database of varied colleges in the country will make it easier for students. This database will promote easier access to information. This database will also ensure transparency.

71. Courier Management System database:

Maintaining database of all the pin codes and track codes. Such database will provide users with the real time data about the courier.

72. Matrimonial database:

A database for the matrimonial website. This database will also be to find and match one or more individuals.

73. Mail server database:

For office and university usages. Students and employees can find their mails with great ease. This will ensure easy flow of couriers through the institution.

74. Online examination system database:

Feeding in all the dates and ensuring every student is informed about it. This database is going to increase reliability and ensure easy management.

75. Ticket reservation system database:

Providing students and employees with a database of ticket reservation schedule. One of the toughest oracle database project ideas to start working on.

76. Attendance management system:

Integrated with the examination management system database. This database will make barring students from exams based on attendance easier.

77. Online quiz management database:

Keeping all the questions at one place and throwing them one by one. This database is going to be rage among universities and exam conducting institutions.

78. Content management system:

Based on WordPress or on likes of the same. A database will allow easier management, deletion, addition and removal of content. A lot of people are going to pursue this, as it is one of the best database project ideas for final year student.

79. School data management system database:

A database that manages school data really well is the need of the hour. We need a system that ensures that all data is stored at one place for easier management.

80. Office staff management system:

System with a huge database that manages all the data. One such system will promote efficiency at the workplace.

81. Tools management system database:

A database that manages a list of all the tools that are being used in a mechanical industry. This will also throw light on the person who is using the tool.

82. Train management system database:

An online directory of all trains that are running through the town. One can always enjoy access to services that are really helpful and fun for people.

83. Online sites management system:

Just like search engine, a database that keeps a tab on the sites that is live on a particular server.

84. Domain management system database:

A domain management system database that ensures a list of domains with information related to who owns what.

85. Business management system database:

A business management database that includes small info related to a business. Authorities and not everyone should only access such databases.

86. Computer management system database:

A giant enterprise or institution can use one such database for managing all computers under their premise. This database will ensure that every update included in mentioned along with the cost of the project.

87. Real management of people:

Managing people participating in any event is way difficult than handling animals. One needs to have a well- defined database with all the accurate information in order to manage such events.

88. Student information system database:

This one project will help kids understand the nuances better. They will be able to keep a tab on varied information related to a particular student.

89. Patient information system database:

A system that holds all the information of a patient and also includes easier management is the need of the hour.

90. Bank accounts management system:

Enterprises can use such a database for managing bank account details of their employees and clients. One of the easiest SQL database project ideas for final year.

91. Building a system with a huge database for managing lives:

Managing lives living under extreme conditions require expertise. People need to have information stored in these databases for claiming their rights.

92. Shop management system database:

A huge shopping complex with hundreds of shops will require a database for easier management. The database will provide information whether the rent was paid on time or not.

93. Warehouse management system database:

A database that collects info related to a warehouse and also promotes proper management of people working in it.

94. Laboratory management system database:

This database will simplify the work of lab managers. A database that includes almost everything related to laboratories.

95. Gym management system database:

Keeping a record of everyone who visits gym. Pays for exercising and trains under the trainer.

96. Stem cell management system database project:

Life saving cells stored under extreme condition will also require a database to ensure that the right stem cell is used for the right person. Oracle database project ideas for better grades.

97. Disease management system database:

Used by municipal for keeping an eye on people affected with innocuous diseases.

98. Epidemic management system database:

A database that presents the list of people who got affected by a disaster or man made calamity.

99. Health insurance management system database:

Oracle database project ideas for securing a lot of marks, this project allows people to bring all the data under one roof and ensure that every one is provided with access to the best of health services.

100. Talent management system database:

Local authorities can use one such database for recognising growing talent and also for monitoring its growth in the long run.

These database project ideas for students are going to help students obtain good grades and pass with flying colors in their final year. We are here to help students in clearing the exam with a valuable database project in hand.

Database Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

Here I am listing some more interesting database project ideas for computer science students


Mini Projects for CSE in DBMS

  • Traffic Management in Smart Cities Database Mini Project
  • Health Centre Monitoring System DBMS Mini Project
  • Time Table Generator DBMS Mini Project
  • Employee Tracking System Database Mini Project
  • Online Examination System DBMS Project
  • Customer Complaint Report Software DBMS Project
  • Telephone Billing System Database Mini Project
  • Vehicle Management System Database Mini Project

Simple Database Project Ideas

If you are a beginner in a database and want some simple database project ideas, then don’t be the worry. I am listing below I list of simple database project ideas that will surely help the student who is new to the database.

  • Simple Login page and signup page:

You can create a simple login page using HTML and MySQL database. Here you can apply your designing skill also and it will boost a confidence to work more. Here you can implement database validation here.

  • Database for an online retails

If you want to do a small database project, collect the database from an online retails, like details of review on a product given by the customers and make the list of review product wise. And you can make it live, it will help students to buy a good product after reading the review.

  • database for home daily expenses

You can create a useful database application for your mom, here your mom can make the record of monthly expenses and you can do it simply using ms access or ms excel or you can develop a GUI application for it.

Relational database Project Ideas

If you want some good relational database project ideas, then I want to say, I have listed 100 database project ideas list above and all database project ideas are relational database project ideas.

Management systems which are developed using the relational database are called RDMS projects or Relational Database Management system.

A relational database is the database where each table is logically connected with other tables. And possible relations between the tables are listed below

  • One to One
  • Many to many
  • One to many

Database Projects Topics

If you are looking for some cool and interesting database project topics then your search ends here, the above-listed database projects topics come from a lot of research on the Internet and my personal experience.

I listed more than hundred database project topics from there you can pick any database project topic and work on that and if you need help to select the database project idea, you can contact me and I will help you out.

Urgent database project help and assignment help

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2018 [Database Project Ideas] Latest and updated for the previous post of database project ideas

Are you planning to decide any DBMS i.e. database project? If you are saying “Yes” then you are at very right place. I am a certified expert with database programming and my specialization is also in the database field. I will tell you some most interesting and unique database project ideas that are really going to help you in your final year project. I will tell you database ideas for the project. Let start the journey of database management project ideas.

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Nowadays, everyone searches on the internet for more information and ideas for development purposes. Database project idea is one of those popular terms. I have analyzed my past year’s data and got to some of the very popular terms like – “database design assignment help”, “database project ideas for final year students”, “unique and latest database project ideas”, “interesting database project ideas”, “dbms project ideas”, “dbms project ideas using sql”, “dbms project ideas using mysql”,“do my database homework”,”project on database management system pdf” etc. I will be listing these terms here in the for you guys, but at last. If you are also searching for one or multiple of them, then this post is for you only. Some of the highly searched terms are listed below:

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Are you searching for top, latest and best computer science project ideas? Click here to get the list of computer science project ideas.

As you are here, I am sure that you are aware of term – “Database“. But let me revise you once – “Database is a collection of rows and columns.” This is what we can say in simple words but if you have to say it professionally then database means – “Database is a collection of information, organized in a very proficient way for its retrieval. And collection information can be of any number of formats like electronic, graphical, printed, audio or it can be statical also.”

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I have tried a little graphical effort for you to make you clear of this term. Maybe you will like it. Please have a look below:

What is a database? How can you define it professionally?

I have gone through my previous database records of search terms, what is got is really impressive. I want to share that with you guys. If you are searching for that data or information of database on the Google, Bing or any other search engine, you are at very right place. This post is for you. So have a look at the data:

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  • Top latest and best database project ideas for development. [Database Project Ideas]

Above I have listed some most popular keywords what people are searching over the internet. If you are one of them, then you will find 150+ database project ideas for development here. You can use these database project ideas for final year project development also.

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I will provide you the following thing for sure in the basic package of database project ideas with database assignment help:

  • Database project idea with explanation
  • ER Diagram with proper details
  • Class diagram

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  • Sequence diagram
  • Database data dictionary
  • Database operational queries
  • Interface and forms of the project

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Now I am explaining the above headings in more depth so that you can get full information about the deliverables.

Database Project Ideas (W/i Explanation)

Basically what happens is that I will select a good and budget friendly idea for you. If you want to ask me that what I mean by budget friendly then let me explain you. I mean, an idea which can be implemented at the given budget that you will give. For example, if I decided any management system for you then I will send you a document of 250 to 300 words or may be of more, depending upon the project.

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Get the amazing list of database project ideas with examples. Just go down!

ER Diagram of Database project ideas

The second stage will push me for the ER Diagram designing. Are you familiar with it? No? It’s okay… Let me tell you what it is. ER stands for Entity Relationship, means the relationship between different entities of the database. And here entity means that – “In terms of the database;  an entity is a single person, place or thing about which data can be stored.”

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How does an ER or entity relationship diagram look like? 

In the below picture I tried to display an entity relationship diagram, have a look and check the details.

How does ER Diagram look like?

Now class diagram.

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Class diagram for Database Project Ideas

The third stage is of designing Class diagram for your database project idea. I am damn sure that you are familiar with it but to remind you I must share an example of the diagram here. If you are not able to understand please feel free to contact me here.

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Have a look at the Class diagram.

Class Diagram in Database

In this diagram classes of a database are listed in the form of tables and how they are related to each other are mentioned with the relationship presentation.

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Next, we came to the sequence diagram of any database project idea. Let’s have a look.

Sequence diagram for database project ideas

Are you aware of sequence diagram? If your answer is -“NO” then let me tell you what exactly is the role of a sequence diagram in the database project ideas. Actually, sequence diagram means – A diagram that shows, for a particular scenario of a use case, the events that external actors generate, their order, and possible inter-system events.” Basically, it shows interactions arranged in the time sequence.

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Let me give you an example of sequence diagram here:

Sequence Diagram example

Database Data Dictionary for Database Project Ideas

Database data dictionary is a set of database metadata. Basically, it’s consists of information such as data ownership, data relationships to other objects, and other data. Are you wondering an example of it? Sure why not? I am here for that. Let’s have an example:

Database Data Dictionary Example

Database project ideas Operational Queries

The coding part of the database is known as operational queries. I will add an example over here. These queries are must to insert and fetch the data from the system. This is a part which I will provide you for sure because it’s a basic need. Check out the example following:

Database Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

Interface and forms of the database project ideas

This is the final where I will give you the design for the system if you are asked to make it using GUI’s. I will give you best and simple design which will definitely impress your evaluator. And I got many queries like is it professional? If it will be then I will be doubted by the professor. I have a very straight answer for it that – “NO” and “YES”.If you are a professional and need a professional design and coding then let me know at the very start so that I can put those efforts in that but if you are a student, I will design accordingly so that you can’t be doubted. I know this very well, just leave that part of me.

Interface and Forms example

Above are the essential documents that your project should have. But the maximum time you will or you are provided with the document which includes the requirements that what you need to do in the project. There’s all instruction given very clearly. So if are having one document then please feel free to send me at

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  • Full project explanation.

Let’s discuss database project ideas now. What is the need of good database project ideas and all other aspects of it. Many time final year students ask me some few questions which I am listing below. That will definitely help you too so please read them very carefully:

  1. How to select best database project idea?
  2. How to achieve good marks in final year project?
  3. How can database project lead to getting good grades?
  4. Shall we choose the basic idea or complex database project ideas?
  5. The scope of database field? Can we do database project for our industrial project and portfolio?
  6. Can you suggest me best website and books for database learning?
  7. Do you provide DBMS i.e. Database Management System assignment and homework help?
  8. Do you provide urgent database assignment help?
  9. Why I choose Codingparks, not the others?
  10. How can I trust you that you will give me a unique database project idea and plagiarism free code?

Here I have listed, some questions which are really important! But there are thousands of others question which I will be doing in my other FAQ based post.

Now I will tell you just a highlight of first 2-3 questions because that is really important here to discuss. Others, you can click on the question to get the answer. Basically, Database is a very vast field and growing day by day. Are you asking me why? As simply as I can say is that data is growing, for which we need more database to store data. And with the increase in the database, jobs for handling them is also increasing day by day.

It is said that if we make a stack of data, then we can easily build the road reaching the moon. So you can easily interpret that how much it is?

Day by day number is increasing. So if you want a quick and easy job database is the field you should proceed with. And if you looking for a database project idea then it should be obviously good. Because market competition is very killer. You have to make your own unique stand. More discussion on database project ideas you will get here. Database ideas matters for your database project, is it true? Yes it is but its the half truth. Get full information of the selection of database project idea here.

List of Database Project ideas for final year students:

Traffic management System using database application development

Traffic nowadays a very big problem which leads to following two things:

  • Accidents
  • Delay in reaching destination

If you want to control traffic problem then we can make a database project on traffic management system and can help our community and can save many lives. The traffic management system database project idea may seem that it’s very common but believe me it’s not the common. Its very fresh and latest among the database project ideas list for computer science and IT final year students. If you need any assistance in regards then you can contact me and can ask any question or can clear your doubt regarding the development of this database project idea.

Swimming Pool Management System – database project ideas for final year students (CS, IT): 

Guys this summer I visited swimming pool too much as compared to past years and summers. Actually, I traveled a lot for my meetings, so I used to go for swimming pool many times with my friends or colleagues. There was a huge rush and people were not properly maintained. The employee of that place was so much hurry and very tired of manual receipt creation. So, I talked to the authority for the problem and they also get convinced with the idea, now I have that order of swimming Pool Management System. Its development is under process and will be delivered soon.

Every time we are traveling with an idea, basically a new idea. Just we need to polish that idea to take place in front of many people. Sometimes what happens is that we consider that idea is very small and very cheap in terms of working. But that Idea can be unique and can grab real-time market for you. Because millions of others are also with the same thought. So never judge like this, always give your best to make simple things look good and groundbreaking.

Builders Personal Recordkeeping Application – Database Project Ideas:

We have seen many builders nowadays! Too much of construction work is going on and builders have heavy duty of making things goes on the way. How will they keep things on the way if they don’t remember that what they left for doing and what they have done? Where to give supplies and all facts? Maybe you are thinking that its simple to make a note or fix a reminder app’s reminder. If you are thinking in that way, then you are like me, firstly I thought the same thing but later on I was surprised with the internal tasks of builders. It’s like a gush of things were floating and you have to pick them one by one. This application gives builders a very clear and friendly environment with tools and all predefined names in the database to help and save lots of time.

  • Communication
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Selections
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Change Orders
  • Financial
  • Service
  • Plugins

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Above I have listed some vital features for the software or application. You can add a plugin to get more upcoming features of builders management system.

The property management system DBMS project idea for computer science students:

Property management system is one your the very interesting database project ideas list. We can do it using SQL database and another database like MySQL etc. very easily. Property management system is basically designed to add, remove and search new or old property online. For this project, we need a huge database with property names and its description. There is very great need to make that because without database this system will be garbage. You can make a database of yourself or can do a survey of it. Else you can buy the database from me also. I have huge datasets for these projects.

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Some basic operational features of property management system are:

  • Dashboard
  • Admin Login
  • User Login
  • Add, Remove and update features
  • Search the database with efficient queries

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Shopkeeper management system for shop database project ideas for final year IT students:

Day by day technologies are increasing and everyone want to shift himself to the latest trend and to the trending technology. One guy contacted me, who has a general shop with lots of daily needs items, just a few days back. He asked me for the application. And told me each and every requirement in details that how much big tasks he had to do in daily life. He was tired of doing it. Finally, decide to move towards technology. Now he is using my designed online shopkeeper management system. And he is very happy. You can contact him at +91-79734-72938. You can ask me whatever you want to ask. He also left a review from his side also. You can check below:

Shopkeeper Management Application Review by Ankit Singha

Why did I tell you the above story? Let me tell you that because that is really very important. I told you because I want to tell you the importance of the shopkeeper management system database project idea. So if you are thinking that it’s not a good idea then I will suggest, you reconsider this database project idea.

Ticket/Token management system, database project ideas for final year students:

Ticket management system is a very big in terms of data storage but easy to build. As compared to above all. Its easy but not bad database project idea. Remember one thing, everything that you do good or bad depends upon you only. You can’t say that this database project idea is bad. If you can’t think creatively then please don’t blame this database project idea. We can do it with very much variation. This can lead to fetching the ultimate grades. Are you asking me how? If you want more information regarding this please contact me else it becomes too late.

A ticket management system database project idea can be used to generate the ticket at any park or any other place where you have to give a token to the people visiting there. You can do following things very easily:

  • Add member details
  • Update
  • Remove the details
  • Update the details etc.

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Leave management system – A database project idea for real-time development!:

Yes. you heard it right! It deserves the title realtime. I have many students and client project for the same. This topic may cause little difficulty to stand in the list of unique database project ideas. But if you want to make it little creative then you can. Its very easy and I have done much time for students. 99% results are above 95 marks. And you can see it your project too. Just hire me and see results with your own eyes. Don’t trust me or anybody else talks, trust yourself by using my services. You will get the great result, it’s my promise.

Leave management system is usually for an attendance of employees or student in any organization. If you want to keep the best record of your workers then you should use it to keep a well-tracked data. This project enhances the organization revenue as well save the time. So you should develop this for very sure.

Pub management system; A unique database project idea with database implementation:

Have you ever enjoyed pub? Yes? Of course! So have you seen that crowd of people there? If you have to stand out there and manage the people record, how much time taking will it be? Have you ever thought that? So why not to use a database technology to get rid of that big manual process…

Pub management system is designed to overcome that problem. By using this pub management system application you can keep the track and record of the people for future enquires. Some we have to find data in manual entries and seriously it is very difficult to find. But using an effective database system, you can fire the request and can take a chill pill of the result within a second.

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Registration and I-Card generation management system database project idea:

When we visit any new organization or join it, then we are provided with ID cards of that particular company. How they get generated? Manually? No! We have a software for that where all the fields all are given and we have to fill those for a newcomer. Then just have to print and all the details get printed in the form of a card, i.e. is known as ID Card.

Course management system – A database project idea:

Course management system is a database application that is used to manage different courses. University and other institutes can use it for displaying there offered courses. This very easy to handle and display courses. Features it offers:

  • Add course
  • Remove course
  • Update courses

For more details, you can contact me. 

Order management database application – A unique database project idea:

In this DBMS application, you have to just make a project which can handle the storage of orders. You have to make an interface for details entry and connect it to a database with proper storage procedures. You have to take care of all the datatypes. Datatypes that you will use should be properly inspected for security reasons. Basic functions are same as it is for other projects like add, remove and update!

How should Order management system work?

Design ER Diagram at very start to clear the whole process so that you can do the work easily and can reach the goal in very short time. Are you not able to design ER Diagram? Want a good and grades fetching ER Diagram? Just hire me @ 15 USD/hour. Contact me! Get work done with cheap rates. Get cheap database assignment help here!

Tax calculation database application – One of the database project ideas:

Tax calculation is an application developed using database technology to calculate the tax of any individual. You can keep a record of your details in it and can do all the necessary function with it.

Now here I’m listing database project ideas (Only Titles):

  • Certificates management system database project
  • Attendance management system database project idea for IT Students
  • Gym management system – Latest database project ideas
  • Inventory management system database project idea
  • Students record keeping or students information storage database project ideas
  • Certificate management system – Top latest database project ideas
  • Bill management system database project ideas
  • Online retail management system database project idea
  • Grocery store management system database project help
  • CMS Client management system database project ideas
  • Examination management system DBMS project ideas
  • Online CV builder, SQL database project ideas
  • Fruits selling management system using SQL database
  • College database storage project idea in Database field.
  • Railways database project ideas for final year students.
  • Hospital management system database project idea
  • Payroll management system database project ideas with SQL and MySQL.
  • Library management system database project ideas
  • Healthcare database of people. Interesting realtime database project ideas.
  • Blood donation management system database project ideas
  • Art gallery management system with proper database connectivity using SQL or MySQL
  • School management system with database project
  • Wholesaler management system database application for final year computer science graduate students.
  • Student housing system database application for final year students.
  • Loan management system database project ideas for final year students of CS, IT and others.
  • Water supply management system database project ideas for final year students.
  • Hall booking management system – A database application for development.
  • Complaint management system database project ideas
  • Import-export management system using MySql and SQL database project ideas for final year students of engineering.
  • Doctor appointment booking system database project ideas.
  • Resturant management system database project ideas.
  • Referal program management system database project ideas for computer science students.
  • Cinema booking system database project
  • Car rental system database project idea
  • Search engine database project – Unique, Latest and Top class database project ideas.
  • Currier management system database project ideas for students
  • Online examination system, database project ideas.
  • Online quiz management system database project ideas.
  • Train management system database project ideas
  • Seating arrangement generation database project ideas.
  • Laboratory management system database project ideas.

Above are some database project ideas but soon it will be updated with more database project ideas and also description will be provided with the time.

You can download the database project ideas list 2018 from slideshare. Click here! 

Some unique project ideas for Information Technology (IT) students of the final year:

  • Image analysis & compression database project ideas for information technology IT final year students.
  • Online cryptography database project ideas for information technology IT students.
  • Image Processing – Resizing and applying filters database project ideas for information technology IT students.
  • Architecture of distributed database in next-generation mobile networks for global roaming
  • Neural networks pattern recognition database project ideas for information technology IT students.
  • Clint Relationship Management based on the distributed component router.

Don’t forget to get the complete list of Information Technology (IT) database project ideas for final year students. 

Simple database project ideas list for students:

  • Create a simple database of 50 students and apply CRUD operation on the record.
  • Simple sign up and login page using database concept – Simple database project ideas.
  • Expense record keeping simple database project idea with daily use and practice.
  • Diet chart database simple database project ideas.
  • Workout collection and daily calories count application – simple database project ideas.

Get a great list of computer science database project ideas for final engineering students here. It’s FREE!

Relational database project ideas for computer science and IT students of the final year: 

Above database project ideas can be referred as the relational database project ideas. There are no any special conditions for these relational database project ideas. In relational database every table is connected logically and represented as the following relationship:

  1. One to one relationship
  2. One to many relationships
  3. Many to many relationships

Relationship Example in Database

As I have told you above that these are the list of database project list which can be referred to terms like below:

  • Database projects topics.
  • Database project ideas examples,
  • Database project ideas for computer science students in SQL.
  • Interesting database project ideas.
  • DBMS project topics using SQL
  • Computer science project topics on database.
  • Access database project ideas.
  • DBMS project topics using SQL.
  • Simple database project ideas.
  • Database project ideas for computer science students.
  • Computer science project topics on database,
  • Database management system projects with source code.
  • SQL database projects with source code,
  • Interesting database project ideas,
  • List of computer science project topics,
  • Main project topics for computer science final year,
  • Computer science final year project topics with abstract pdf,
  • Best project topics for computer science student,
  • Project topics for computer engineering diploma,
  • Computer project topics for school students,
  • Latest project topics for computer science,
  • New projects for computer science students,
  • Final year projects for computer science on android,
  • Computer science final year project topics with abstract pdf,
  • Creative final year project computer science,
  • Main project topics for computer science,
  • Final year projects for computer science with source code,
  • Best project topics for computer science student,
  • Latest project topics for computer science

Above are the terms which I have listed for these database project ideas. If you are the one who is searching google, bing and others with the same terms then you can refer this article. This is only for you guys. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Just select any database project idea whether your project is of a relational database, for both the list will work. For any help, I am always here for you. Just comment down below for any help and assistance. Or you can just contact me at

You can fill the form given below to get in touch very fast. Don’t forget to share your WhatsApp number or you can join me directly at +91-8591522456.

Bonus Topics:

  • Inventory control management Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Student Record keeping system Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Online Retail Application Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • College Database Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Railway System Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Hospital management System Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Payroll management System Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Health care organization Database Project [Database Project Ideas]
  • Restaurant Management Database Project [Database Project Ideas]

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