Surrealism Drawing Assignment List

For the hobby of the month of collage art, there’s no set schedule for assignments or prompts this time.  I’ll provide a wide range of ideas to get you started and you can pick the technique that is most appealing to you throughout the month! Want to know how to get started with collage art? Check out our guide on choosing the right tools and supplies right here.


Color is a design element that can be applied in a variety of different ways in your collage art work. Check out these ideas below that revolve around utilizing color.

Use only black and white elements. Newspapers are a great resources for a collage piece that’s only black and white. You can also use magazines or any other paper. Try utilizing old school photos or magazine art in order to get that old-school feel.

Use black and white with an accent color. Try the prompt above EXCEPT pick one color as an accent color. The black and white background will really allow your color to pop. I really love using red as an accent color in my collage art pieces. Check out the Instagram feature below for a great art piece with a red accent.

Use only ONE color. Go for a monochromatic theme and choose only one color to be represented throughout the art work.


I love surrealist art. Surrealism change the rules, altering perspective and scale and always making the impossible possible. With collage art, you can become a surrealist artist with just some magazines, scissors and glue! Check out some examples of surrealist collage art below!

Change the scale of an object. Changing the size of an object is a popular Surrealist technique. Take an object that is normally small and change the size by adding elements around it to enlarge it!

Make things fly. You know how they say pigs can’t fly? Well, in collage art they can! Make objects/people/animals/whatever do things that you would never imagine them doing!

Join objects together! Use juxtaposition to combine two or more things that don’t relate. Cut out a photo of a cat’s head and place it on the body of a mermaid!

Dislocate your subjects. Make incredibly bizarre scenes by dislocating an object and placing it an environment you wouldn’t usually find it in.


I don’t know why but I’ve always been obsessed with typography. In collage art, you can do more than just spell out words in your collage art. You can actually use the text itself. Explore the colors of the type itself and use it to create your artwork (like the feature below by @_takasao) or use the text as a symbol (like the feature by @mlassens).

Photo Rearrangement

Get creative with just one magazine clipping. Collage art doesn’t have to include tons of different paper items. You can create art from just one image. Find a different way to display one image. Manipulate the image by slicing it into multiple pieces or rearrange them in a more creative way like the examples below.


You can create a collage by focusing on the shapes of your clippings rather than the shape of the image you are cutting out. You can also get creative and cut out different shapes and layer other pieces of paper underneath like the example below.

Object Replication

You can use newspaper, magazine clippings, construction paper or whatever else you’d like to use to replicate an object. Focus on the color of your clippings and use them to compile a much bigger image.


The best thing about collage art is that you can up the creativity game and utilize other art mediums. Incorporate any of the art mediums listed below into your collage! If

  • Watercolor paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Gouache
  • Pencil
  • Pen (ink)
  • Colored pencils
  • Pastels

Got any ideas that you think would make a great addition to this list? Comment below and I’ll add them on!




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1. Instruct the students to search surrealism art and artists on the Internet. (One site is Have them take sufficient notes on at least five artists. Have them pay attention to surrealism that have the following characteristics:

  • a. realistic items that have been used out-of-place
  • b. unreal scenes
  • c. normal objects acting abnormally
  • d. fantastic creatures

2. Divide the class into four groups and have an open discussion on the artists that used the four characteristics.

3. Provide the following prompts and have the students write a short essay.

  • a. Write about a dream you've had that seemed strange. Provide sufficient details.
  • b. Write about an interesting and/or unusual experience that you've had recently or sometime ago. Provide sufficient details.

4. Instruct the students to analyze their essays for material to create a surrealistic painting. Have them write down what they plan to draw, if needed.

5. Have the students create a surrealistic painting. Have them write their names on the back. (Normally, artists write their names on the front, but since the students will be critiquing each other's work, this might avoid a lot of hurt feelings. Of course, students usually know who can draw in their class, but at least this makes for a level playing field.)

6. When paintings are completed, display them for critiquing. Critiquing should be based on whether or not the paintings have included the general elements of art, e.g., good composition, balance, color harmony, etc.

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