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...The results of the study scaled the dogs on five dimensions of behavior temperament: playfulness, curiosity/fearfulness, chase-proneness, sociability, and aggressiveness (De Palma et al., 2005). Dogs living in rescue shelters were assessed as demonstrating a low degree of playfulness, showing distraction by the environment when being enticed to play. The sheltered dogs also scored low on curiosity but, high on fearful behavior. The cortisol levels for the sheltered dogs were significantly higher than the cortisol levels of canines living in households, indicative of stress and anxiety associated with shelter lifestyle. Shelter dogs showed a low proportion of chase-proneness supported by demonstrations of low physical activity and excitability. Shelter dogs were assessed as exhibiting low levels of sociability toward conspecies but, a high sociability when concerning humans (De Palma et al., 2005). This trend was also demonstrated when observing levels of aggressiveness; the dogs seemed more antagonistic toward conspecies than humans. It should be noted that shelter dogs displayed rare bouts of hostile behavior and results were supported by little data. It is interesting to find a set of shared characteristics existing in canines living in rescue shelters. Such findings lead one to speculate if the shelter environment may be partly responsible for inducing behavior characteristics? After all, dogs living in shelters are subjected to a variety of stressors including......

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Harlem Renaissance

...Harlem Renaissance Poets Martha Harris Strayer University World Cultures Stephen Ripley May 27, 2013 The Harlem Renaissance was a period in history of the United States in which a group of individuals such as, poets, authors, and artists came together to express themselves. Two of the poets that I would be talking about are W.E.B Du Bois, and Claude McKay, and how they contributed to the Harlem Renaissance era. In the social roots of the Harlem Renaissance can be tracked back to the Great Migration during the First World War, the philosophical roots reach back to the turn of the century and the work of black historian and sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963), whose The Philadelphia Negro (1899) was the first sociological text on a black community published in the United States. In 1903, in his book The Souls of Black Folk, Du Bois had proposed that the identity of African Americans was fraught with ambiguity. (Sayre, 2012, pg. 1174) When in 1909 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded to advance the rights of black, Du Bois became editor of its magazine, The Crisis. Du Bois sense of the double-consciousness informing African American experience (a double-consciousness that informs the very term “African American”) was often expressed in the magazine’s pages. In this role he wielded an unequaled influence among middle-class black and progressive whites as the propagandist for the black protest from 1910 until 1934.......

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...Harlem Dreams can be said to be something that drives us in life and are what motivates us. They are like goals that we set to achieve. There are three main factors of a dream, which areideas, visions andemotions.Ideas are thoughts that generate in the mind. Visions are anticipation of that which may come to be. Emotions are specific feelings that characterize a state of mind like happiness and anger. These three factors work together to determine our dream. A persons dream is always with them but sometimes it escapes the memory. When a dream is anticipated it leaves one excited. Good dreams can include, winning a lottery, getting a scholarship or going to college. In Langston Hughes’ poem “Harlem,” he asks the readers, if dreams are put off throughout their lives or if they are lived up to. Most people don’t live up to their dreams and essentially it becomes deferred as Hughes describes, but they are never forgotten. However, in the long run, the overwhelming desire to achieve the dream takes over. Some people don’t live out their dreams, due to the frustrations, traumas, and hardship that they encounter along the way, thus robbing them of their opportunities. Hughes states “Does it dry up like raisin in the sun?” Before a fruit dries up like a raisinin the sun, it isinitiallyjuicy and filled with life. Generally we like when fruits are fresh, because the vitamins are still retained and healthwise it is the appropriate nutrient our body needs. In a way dreams are like...

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The Baddest Dog in Harlem

...sitting around the rail.” This is how our story begins. A story written by Walter Dean Myers. We don’t get much information on our characters, but we have our narrator who through the story remains unknown. He is the one who narrates the story. My guesses would be that he is a black man in the middle of his twenties. He lives in the trouble end in Harlem where shootings probably are not uncommon. I would guess he is probably unemployed since he has the time to hang out on the rail outside Big Joe’s with his friends in the middle of the day. In the story we also have Mary. Mary is a tenant in the building which gets shot at by the police. She is little bit better than all the others in Harlem because of her great job downtown. Mary’s dog gets shot by the police, because of the possibility of a psychopath in her apartment with an automatic weapon. She also gets a lot of damage in her place. Other than those two, we have Pedro, Willie and Mr. Lynch, all friends with our narrator. We don’t get much information about them, other than Willie being a bit of a ‘know it all’ because of his age. The setting of the story is off course Harlem, like I mentioned earlier. On 145th street, more specifically. It starts out just outside big Joe’s place, where the “gang” is hanging out talking. Probably a place they are used to hang out at. The area they live in, seems like a neighborhood where crime isn’t unusual. You can see that on page 2 where the narrator says: “I did just like......

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Harlem Renascence

...The American track record of its treatment to African Americans is saturated discrimination and segregation. To fight against the separate but equal reality African Americans, chose different ways to protest against that reality. It was through the different forms of writings that some educated and distinguished African American writers tried to portray the notion of double consciousness. Double consciousness is a term created by famous Harlem Renaissance writer W.E.B DuBois. The term double consciousness defines the action of African Americans to not only view themselves from their own unique perspective, but to also view themselves as they might be perceived by others ( in this case white people). Harlem Renaissance period provided the African American writers with the opportunity to expose the majority to double consciousness. It allowed the Caucasians to see the internal conflict of keeping with one’s heritage but wanting to make it in America under “white” standards. W.E.B Du Bois first citied double consciousness in The Souls of Black Folk and his writings signify “how a veil has come to be put over African-Americans, so that others do not see them as they are; African-Americans are obscured in America; they cannot be seen clearly, but only through the lens of race prejudice. Till this very day many African-Americans feel “unwanted” in America. I think back to a news video I saw about a black man named Earl Sampson that was arrested fifty six times and stopped......

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The Baddest Dog in Harl

...Delprøve 1a Nedenstående sætninger er fra novellen “The Baddest Dog in Harlem” af Walter Dean Myers. Beskriv, hvordan de understregede ord og udtryk afviger fra standardengelsk. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. 1. “What you young people talking about?” (side 16, linje 13)
 Korrekt sætning: What are you young people talking about Forklaring: Singularis form, pluralis kongruens. 2. “Ain’t none of them could beat Jack Johnson,” Mr. Lynch said, parking his old butt on the chair. (side 16, linje 19)
 Korrekte sætning: ”None of them could beat Jack Johnson,” Forklaring: None er i sig selv et benægtende ord. 3. “Ali would have eat him up,” Willie went on. (side 19, linje 23)
 Korrekte sætning: Ali would have eaten him up Forklaring: kort tillægsform; eat bøjes til eaten 4. The cop looked over at us and didn’t say nothing. (side 17, linje 5)
 Korrekte sætning: The cop lokked over at us and didn’t say anything. Forklaring: dobbelt benægtelse, hvis der både skullde være didn’t og nothing. 5. Once I got on the ground I figured I was gonna stay on the ground until the mess was over with. (side 19, linje 11)
 Korrekte sætning: Once I got on the ground I figured I was going to stay… Forklaring: gonna er en samentrækning af going to 6. “What they mean about some automatic weapon?” Pedro asked. (side 20, linje 2)
 korrekte sætning: What do they mean about some automatic weapon? Forklaring: Manlger hjælpeverbum do. 7.......

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...Harlem Renaissance At the turn of the twentieth century, not all Americans held equal chance at making a name for themselves. Unequally is the only term that appropriately describes the way African Americans were treated during this time. Although their ancestors had endured suppression and struggle for years, those African American men and women associated with the Harlem Renaissance era would come to find new hope for their race. These artists such as Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen, although having differentiating views, both played major roles in uplifting the black culture. I was responsible for researching these two writers, and I will show how they made giants steps for African Americans while establishing a place in American Literature forever. After consulting my the textbook, I was able to find an article in which the story of an African American soldier from World War I was told. A Blakely, GA relative, Wilbur Little was lynched by a group of white men after returning from the war. He was slain simply because he wore his uniform in public after being threatened not to previously. Instances like this one involving Wilbur Little are what inspired the writers of the Harlem Renaissance era (Davis 477). Years of racism pushed the black culture into a corner that must have seemed dooming for many, but as the Great Migration ensued hope was restored in the hearts African Americans. Blacks during the early 1900’s caught trains northbound in hope of freedom and......

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Harlem Renaissance

...Harlem Renaissance Poets Hum 112 June 4, 2013 Harlem Renaissance Poets The Harlem Renaissance was the time period that immediately followed the First World War. During the great migration a vast number of African Americans left the southern states to relocate to northern states such as Chicago, New York, and Washington DC. They were in search of new employment and artistic opportunities. This was the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance era where African American artist (musicians and poets) called themselves the “New Negro”. The two Poets I chose to discuss throughout this essay are Langston Hughes and Claude McKay. I will be discussing their roles during the Harlem Renaissance, The elements of double consciousness within their poetry, and the primary themes seen in poetry during this time period. Langston Hughes Langston Hughes was one of the most influential writers during the Harlem Renaissance. His unique style of writing incorporated Jazz and Blues music into poetry. Langston Hughes played a significant role during the Harlem Renaissance period, his work became the voice for the average African American struggling to deal with the stress / pressures of being racially discriminated against. His poems encouraged them to love their brown skin and accept who they are and not how they are seen by their white counterparts. Instead of African Americans sacrificing their identity (culture) to blend into the white society he encouraged Negroes to have a sense of pride in...

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...enlgish 921 potty The dog is a loving companion to a man. He is happy to go everywhere with his master. He shows his affection for his master by wagging his tail and licking his hand or face. Dogs were not always like this. Overtime humans have domesticated dogs into making them loving pets. At one point dogs were able to pee wherever they want, eat whatever they want, and do whatever they want. Now we provide our dogs boundaries and train them to become our best friends. Eating and playing comes naturally to dogs just as it does to humans when they are born. Just like human babies one thing that does not come naturally to dogs is being potty trained. Adding a furry litte friend to the family sounds like a lot of fun and many would not think of it as such a difficult task to do since all dogs do is eat and play which obviously does not need to be taught to then but the hard part comes when it is time for them to relieve themselves and they choose do to this task on your living room floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. For most dog owners who have little to no dog experience potty training can be a very difficult task to do but I am here to make this job a tad bit easier for you and your furry friend. Potty training your dog or puppy requires far more than a few stacks of old newspapers, it calls for vigilance, patience, plenty of commitment and above all, consistency. The first step to potty training is introducing the spot you would like your dog to go potty. Like babies,......

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...In the beginning of 1950’s, African American were under the straggle of civil-rights movement. Harlem is one of highlighted cities related to the movement. I, personally, interpreted the poem “Harlem” expressed the will that they never gave up to achieve it, and the distress that they had a hard time to attain it for a long time. The author of the poem “Langston Hughes” started the poem as “What happens to a dream deferred?” In this context, ‘Dream’ means ‘civil rights’ for African American people. They made an action to get the fundamental rights for a long time until then. However, it was definitely difficult to achieve. In this situation, the author asked the stability of the value of the dream which they were seeking for a large number of years. The first sentence “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” is suggesting the possibility that due to the passing of time the value of dream becomes more concentrated as a grape turns to a raisin. On the other hand, the next “Or fester like a sore--- And then run?” means the opposite, which is the negative aspect such as the meaning that the value of dream was lost because of elapse. Following “Does it stink like rotten meat?” has the negative nuance as the last sentence, while “Or crust and sugar over--- like a syrupy sweet” is the same meaning as the “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” The author is asking whether the value of dream, which is civil rights, is easily changeable or not, repeatedly mentioning the...

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Harlem Renaissance

...Harlem Renaissance Strayer University Humanities 112 Professor Renee Pistone November 30, 2014 Harlem renaissance poetry comprises of poems composed in the 1920s by poets such as Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Sterling Brown. All these poets had different items illustrated in their poems, though they all pointed the oppression of the minority race in America, and their fight to achieve freedom. The focus of this essay is to analyze poems by two different poets during the Harlem Renaissance period, describing the role played by each author in this period. The poems to be analyzed are If We Must Die by Claude McKay and Let America be America Again by Langston Hughes. These two poems pass different messages and show the different wishes of the two poets. McKay and Hughes each contributed to the Harlem Renaissance poetry in varying ways. Hughes was a well-known artist who wrote essays, short stories, poems, and children’s books. He used his poetry to celebrate the African American community and tried to capture the life of the African Americans in his work. His major focus is on dreams, and he gives suggestions of what happens when dreams are ignored and postponed. He, therefore, played a role in airing the dreams of the black Americans who lived in Harlem, and how these dreams were shattered (Bloom, 2004). His poetry is a way of showing that the black Americans had dreams, which if they did not come true would......

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...Langston Hughes’ “Harlem: A Dream Deferred” What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun Or fester like a sore- And then run? Does it stink like rotten mean? Or crust and sugar over- Like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode? ______________________________________________________________________________ Trevor B. Taylor A Dream Deferred, The Heartbeat of Harlem For the residents of Harlem, until the later half of the twentieth century, “wait” is all they ever heard. Wait! Wait for the laws to change before you can fulfill your destiny. Wait, until you’re allowed to go to college. If any of the people of Harlem were a shining gem just waiting to be polished, it might not ever happen, or it would have had to of been postponed. Because the residents of Harlem had black skin, their dreams were deferred. L. Hughes shines light on the minds of Harlem past and everyone else’s, who’ve experienced a dream that never came true or hasn’t yet. He effectively uses similes, metaphors, and rhetorical questions to express how he feels about a dream being postponed. The “dream” is a goal in life, not experienced while sleeping. an expected goal. The poem, in its’ current form leaves the dream up to the reader. But the poem was originally titled “Harlem”. Hughes since then gave this title to another one of his poems that more clearly states was happening there. That poem in black ink, clearly......

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Harlem Renaissance

...The Harlem Renaissance, also known as the New Negro Movement started at the end of World War I, but only began to get recognized around 1924. The Harlem Renaissance was made up of chiefly writers and was considered a phenomenon. This movement started at a time when racism was still at large. African Americans had to deal with the KKK and other racial prejudices in society. The Harlem Renaissance was significant because it was the first time African Americans expressed their views on racism and their self-love for one another, using lyrical styles that was never seen before in African American writing. Two of the most prominent poets of the time were Arna Bontemps and Langston Hughes. The Harlem Renaissance happened fifty seven years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Previously, African Americans didn’t have much education or a chance to make their mark in the literary world. They didn’t have much of a chance because they were still looked upon as inferior. They were also thought not to have a distinct cultural heritage. The United States got involved in World War I in the year 1917. At that time, race riots were happening and lynchings were frequent. After World War I ended in 1918, African Americans started coming to the North hoping to escape the racist treatment in the South. Unfortunately, life in the North wasn’t that much greater. In the South, more and more race riots occurred and many black people were beaten and killed-- this was known as “Red Summer”......

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...Harlem In the play, “Dutchman and The Slave” by Imamu Amiri Baraka, there is a lot of manipulation and also a clear struggle for power. In addition to Baraka’s play, the short stories “Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, and “Harlem” by Langston Hughes they also illustrate the struggle of power and how society of that era were manipulating the minds of Africa Americans into believing that their dreams weren’t worth anything. Imamu Amiri Baraka introduces Lula, clearly a bipolar racist. Lula has a unknown problem witnessing African Americans strive towards a dream, that she feels they don’t deserve. Her motives throughout the book/movie were to become superior or have power by manipulating young African American men. The way Lula behaved was sure to get a rise out of anyone with some sort of sanity. Shirley Jackson also showed the power role by introducing her character in “Lottery”. Mr. Summers was not only manipulating, but he applies a fearsome amount of power over the village, power that seems to have been assigned to him at random. Much like Lula, Mr. Summers now has complete control in determining who dies. The villagers show a type of blind-trust in Mr. Summers which the author never illustrates why their trust is so strong. The village just seems to accept the ritual without a thought of change. That trust was also shown in the Dutchman, how Clay trusted Lula by sharing inviting conversation, and kind gestures. Lula was symbolized in Dutchman as the white devil.......

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Analytical essay

The Baddest Dog in Harlem is a novel written by the American writer Walter Dean Myers. Walter was an American writer of children’s books best known for young adult literature. It is part of the collection ‘145th Street: Short Stories’, published in 2001.
The setting of the story is in Harlem. Since the 1920s, Harlem has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Harlem is a large neighbourhood within the northern section of the New York City borough of Manhattan. The story takes place on 145th street, outside Big Joe’s place. We are confronted with some men discussing who the best boxer is. They all seem to have time enough, when the police officer asks them for how long they’ve been sitting there.
Harlem is an environment where a lot of crime is going on. People are used to crime and drugs around here. Generally the author of the text, makes Harlem seem like a place with high unemployment and not a very nice place to be.
The language used in the novel is English, with a lot of slang. This makes us aware that we are in Harlem, and it would be very unsual if they talked formal English with some formal terms. There are many examples of this throughout the text, one of them is: ‘What you young people talking about’?, which is clearly grammatically incorrect, but on purpose since this gives the right atmosphere. The slang is only used when they talk, but when we read what the narrator thinks, it’s written in grammatically correct, formal and understandable English.
In the novel, we are confronted with some characters, even though we don’t get much information about them. We have Mary, who is the owner of the apartment that the police opened fire at. She seems to have an aggressive behaviour, which is understandable since it’s a violent situation and she’s quite upset and shocked. ‘You shot up my new drapes! I don’t work all day for you fools to be up here shooting up my drapes!’ is a line from the text. We also have the narrator, which is black, and we also have Wille, Pedro and Mr. Lynch. We don’t get much information, but that is very typical for the genre.
The themes in the text are ‘guns’ and ‘racism’. Guns because the police is shooting and end up killing an innocent child. This text brings up the discussion whether guns should be allowed or not. If guns weren’t allowed, the policemen wouldn’t have any reason to suspect that he had an automatic weapon. This is a huge mistake from the policemen, since they didn’t have anything on him than the report of a man with an automatic weapon. I also think the theme is racism, because the policemen searches Willie to look for anything illegal, even though they had absolutely no reason to believe he had that.
You can draw perspective to the song ‘American Skin (41 shots)’ by Bruce Springsteen, because the events

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