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There are a lot of nerds out there who are just a tad revolutionary. They’re friends with hackers, love sharing movies online and generally love the idea that their work supports the people, not large organizations. At least after hours, if not 24/7/365!

A humanitarian career complements the way information systems guys and girls think, so I’m not surprised you’re reading this now. Want to hear the good news? There are thousands of nongovernmental, not-for-profit, humanitarian organizations out there that would be over the moon with your skills and capabilities. However, specialization is the key to getting any good job. Let’s look at a few right now.

ActionAid International is on the lookout for a Humanitarian Information Officer in London, UK. The salary is approximately USD 47,816 – 49,262 per year. The ideal candidate is passionate about making a difference and has proven experience in developing information systems around humanitarian policy and programming. ActionAid is a leading international charity that supports women and children in extreme poverty. Your job in this post would be to strengthen information flow, systems and management so they are as efficient as possible during emergencies. You will collect, collate and disseminate material to help build the organization’s profile for humanitarian and conflict work for fundraising purposes, build data systems to deliver timely and effective information during emergencies and to aid long-term emergency response projects.

The International Civil Aviation Organization has an internship opportunity. They need a Statistical Data Analyst in Montreal, Canada for between 2 and 6 months to work at the Aviation Data and Analysis Section of the Air Transport Bureau. Ideal candidates don’t need to have completed their graduate degree in management information systems, but should be enrolled. Tasks include loading statistical data reported through Air Traffic Reporting Forms into the integrated statistical database, participating in the verification and validation of reported data as guided, and assist in the development of electronic tools to accelerate the verification process, contribute in the development of business analysis tools and the automation of monthly air traffic monitoring. This type of unpaid position could help you gain essential experience abroad.

WHO, or the World Health Organization is looking for an Emergency Preparedness and Response contractor to work at multiple duty stations within South Sudan to provide technical expertise and guidance in the field of Emergency Preparedness and Response including the provision of expertise and authoritative advice for the collection, validation, analysis and dissemination of data, the design and implementation of an Early Warning and Response System, and coordinate related activities. The ideal candidate has a degree in a health related discipline or a degree in statistics, with a specialization in computer sciences. Additional training on disaster management and information management systems is desirable.


So what advanced degree could you study? Taking a look as some of the more senior positions in the field you’re interested in can really guide you when it comes to choosing a specialization, but here are some you might like to consider.

The MBA in Management Information Systems at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is designed for those that are seeking career and business leadership opportunities with an information technology basis. The program will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to become a visionary business leader with a strong competency in management information systems. This degree could come in useful all over the world at nonprofit organizations.

What about something a little more sparkly, though, like a M.Sc. in Geographic Information System Technology? The master’s at the University of Arizona, USA, is available 100% online, and doesn’t require a master’s thesis. It’s perfect for work in the geospatial industries and provides you with management skills for use in government, corporate, corporate, non-profit and academic settings.

The MBA in Healthcare Informatics at Southern New Hampshire University, USA , prepares you to lead the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of health information systems. It allows you to graduate in just 15 months, with two courses per 10-week term, and includes topics like management of information technology, healthcare informatics, operations management, information technology, responsible corporate leadership and strategic management. This degree could prepare you extremely well for humanitarian work in developing countries, improving health care systems that will aid sick and injured individuals through the work you do at hospitals and other health care facilities.

Whichever course gets you going, the most important thing is to choose a program you are passionate about. Once you have that step down, you’ll want to apply. I know it can be daunting, which is why getting someone to help you with your personal statement can really take the pressure off. If you’d like to learn more about the help we can offer you, just get in touch!

There is little about the heroines of international relations online. Scour the Women Leaders in International Relations & Foreign Policy Facebook group, and you´ll find some mentioned, as well as a speech or two from Michelle Obama.

But as Madeleine Albright hilariously and very rightly said: “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” Yep. So we decided to help everyone get on the bandwagon and recognize some of the amazing women in this field. Let´s get started.

Martha Finnemore

Martha Finnemore was born in 1959, and is now a constructivist scholar of international relations. She is also a University Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

Finnemore is best known for her books, which helped to pioneer constructivism National Interests in International Society,The Purpose of Intervention, and Rules for the World (with Michael Barnett).

In 2009, a survey of over 2700 international relations faculty in ten countries named her one of the twenty five most influential scholars in the discipline, and one of the five scholars whose work in the last five years has been the most interesting!

An earlier survey of over 1000 American international relations faculty also ranked her similarly in both categories, and in 2011, she was elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Finnemore completed her B.A. at Harvard, followed by an M.A. from the University of Sydney and a Ph.D. from Stanford. Her husband, David Furth, is acting chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha

Nadia Murad Basee Taha is a Yazidihuman rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and since September 2016, the first Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking of the United Nations. She was kidnapped and held by the Islamic State in 2014.

Murad was born in the village of Kocho in Sinjar, northern Iraq. Her family, of the Yazidi people, were farmers. Murad grew up on a farm.

In 2014, when she was 21 years old, Murad was a student living in the village of Kocho in Sinjar, northern Iraq. Islamic State fighters rounded up the Yazidi community in the village and killed 600 people – including six of Nadia's brothers and stepbrothers – and taking the younger women into slavery.

That year Murad was one of more than 6,700 Yazidi women taken prisoner by Islamic State in Iraq, held as a slave in the city of Mosul, beaten, burned with cigarettes, and raped when trying to escape.

But in November 2014, Nadia was able to escape after her captor left the house unlocked. She was taken in by a neighboring family. They were able to smuggle her out of the Islamic State controlled area, allowing her to make her way to a refugee camp in Duhok, northern Iraq, and then to Stuttgart, Germany.

On December 16, 2015, Murad briefed the United Nations Security Council on the issue of human trafficking and conflict for the first time. As part of her role as an ambassador, Murad participates in global and local advocacy initiatives to bring awareness of human trafficking and refugees.

She reaches out to refugee and survivor communities, listening to testimonies of victims of trafficking and genocide.

As of September 2016, Attorney Amal Clooney spoke before the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to discuss the decision she made in June 2016 to represent Murad as a client in legal action against ISIL commanders.

Clooney characterized the genocide, rape, and trafficking as a "bureaucracy of evil on an industrial scale". He described a slave market existing both online, on Facebook and in the Mideast that is still active today. Murad has received many serious threats to her safety as a result of her work.

Nevertheless, she has received a number of honors:

These very different women all have something in common: they are strategically placed within international relations and the human rights world.  And they take what they do seriously. Do you fit into that category? If so, we´d love to help you.

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