Health And Community Studies Personal Statement

Health and Social Care Personal Statement Sample

Having worked hard to gain training, knowledge and employment experience in the field of care, I am aware both of how challenging and rewarding it can be as a career. Being given the opportunity to turn my aptitude for caring for others into a career has already allowed me to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Gaining the necessary knowledge and experience to perform a more involved role in a nursing capacity will motivate me to continue working and studying to the same high standard and allow me to make an even greater difference to the lives of my patients in the future.

Having shown myself to be a highly competent student throughout my schooling, I am currently undertaking A-levels in Biology and Maths in order to prepare myself for the more rigorous demands of undergraduate study. More importantly, I have also been lucky enough to undergo a large amount of training that has allowed me to learn knowledge and skills in the practical context in which they will be used. I have taken specific training courses on Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Basic Life Support and Stroke Training, as well as general training courses on the corporate and information technology aspects of care. These have laid an excellent foundation for further medical study but have also introduced me to the administrative and organisational skills that will allow me to work to a high level through undergraduate study and into my career beyond.

Receiving training while working within the field of care is just a small part of the way in which my career thus far has prepared me to study nursing. Actually putting this training into practice has allowed me to prove to myself, and to others, that I have what it takes to make a real impact as part of a care team. Having recently completed the required literacy and numeracy qualifications, I will soon be starting a new role as a Health Care Assistant, working within an interdisciplinary team to deliver individualised patient care. My success in securing this role is a result of my previous performance as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. This rewarding role was my first experience of working within a hospital environment and required the maintenance of good working relationships with colleagues and patients. As well as communicating with and observing patients to help assess their occupational functioning, I also had to complete extensive notes, which would be entered onto the PAS system at the end of each day. Many of the patients would be understandably distressed and I found that my ability to stay calm and talk to them as individuals allowed me to play a valuable role in their treatment. This also allowed me to use a range of skills that I had developed through my time as a Community Care Worker. Travelling to client’s homes and helping them to live as independent a life as possible showed me that everyone is an individual and, while an attention to detail and operational accuracy is important, a respect for this fact is paramount. Whether assessing their medical needs or assisting them during an emergency situation, such as a nasty fall, keeping them as calm as possible and trying to do the same myself was the most important aspect that helped me to get the job done.

Having progressed rapidly during my career I have found additional responsibility has allowed me to play a fuller role in delivering patient care, and this has motivated me to meet any challenges head on. As someone with excellent communication skills, who enjoys listening and taking time with each of the patients I have worked with, I believe that a career within nursing will allow me to reach an even higher standard in the future.

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Due to previous experiences of working with a range of people in the care sector I believe that throughout my time on various work placements with people who have disabilities and difficulties in communicating, along with the experiences gained throughout my studies, my wish to pursue a career in the care profession has grown.

To further my interest in working with and around people I completed a course in childcare. Throughout this course I was able to gain valuable experience of working with special needs children. While this was very challenging I also found it an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience.

To further my knowledge and passion for working with people I took a health and social care advanced course and took a weeks experience in a day centre that involves working with people who suffer from difficulties in communicating and having disabilities.

This again helped to broaden my understanding of working with people and also how to deal with children and adults with disabilities. Within my spare time I have researched the job role and requirements for health promotion to find out what is involved.

To build upon these interests further, I am taking up a one week work experience within the health field. I will be spending the first week in a care home focusing on helping elderly people that suffer from dementia and my second week assisting a health promoter to experience a more professional job role in health care. I am looking forward to this valuable experience as it will further consolidate my desire to study health
and social care.

I currently work as a sales assistant which has given me a valuable experience of working with people and how to assist their needs in any way possible. During this time I am developing effective communication skills and good working relationships.

In addition to this it is also helping me to show how committed I am to my responsibilities as well as demonstrating good organisation skills. Having to juggle work and school as well as social activities this also
shows that I am developing my time keeping skills to make myself more committed and more punctual.

During my first year of sixth form I helped to raise money for the McMillan Cancer trust charity. I also found this very rewarding as I was helping others that were in need, just like during my work placements. I often play sports after sixth form with my friends; this has helped me to develop extra skills in working well in a team.

In addition I have completed voluntary work with a year six class to increase my knowledge of working with young people, another activity that I very much enjoyed and found extremely rewarding. To further my interest in working with people I have recently volunteered to do a level 3 v-volunteering in my spare time, the certificate itself is an accreditation form Newcastle University.

During my spare time I mainly like to dance and sing. I find this is a good way to express myself in addition to help me keep fit. I also attend the gym often to also help keep me fit I also like to attend various different events and take advantage of any activities that I am offered whether it is through school or outside of school.

This helps to increase my confidence and also helps me to meet new people. I feel that university is definitely the right path for me. I am always working extremely hard to achieve the best I can, a feat which I intend to carry on throughout my university years.

I feel I have the necessary skills needed to enjoy university to the full and also be successful in future years. In addition I would also like to go to university to help develop my skills even further so I can gain a good job in the health and social care sector which is always my main interest.

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