Essay About Smoking And Drinking

Alcohol And Smoking Essay

Alcohol and Smoking
The drinking age is 21. The smoking age is 18. What do you think the ages should be? Do you think that young kids would listen to it? Or do you think that people will stop buying for them? Most kids find someone to make a fake ID for them or to buy them alcohol. It’s not really hard to find someone, you tell them that you are going to give them some extra money and they buy it for you. You can get away with a lot of things these days. You can also have someone buy you cigarettes, now days it’s their parents that do it or they have older siblings doing it for them. Drinking and smoking has become a big thing for people under the age or 21 or 18. Most people under that age think it makes them look cool, or do it under peer pressure; there are many situations to where the parents smoking and then the children start to smoke. Smoking is a bad habit to start.
I can’t say much because I smoke. I know it is bad and all, but I’m 18 and my body is mine. I started when I was young and it kills me to see other people start smoking. It was one of the worse decisions I made, but I am dealing with it slowly. I don’t want to see these people at the ages of 10 to 16 smoking. I don’t understand people now, letting there kids smoke and drink. Its like no one cares about the next generation, we need to stop people from making stupid decision. The other day I was driving in Quincy and there was this kid in the car next to me smoking, he didn’t look 18 years old and neither did his buddy. That stuff just sickness me though. How can you just sit there and let someone smoke and drink their life away!
We have all been to that high school party, well I think anyway. If you haven’t been, it’s not like the movies, movies are meant to make everything look good. If it doesn’t look good then you don’t want to do it. It does show in some movies that there is peer pressure. Here some reasons why. Many people are sucked in by peer pressure. You could go to a party and not even drink, but everyone has the one friend that just keeps pushing it on to you. You don’t have to know what a cigarette is, but it could be that same friend that pushes it your way. You have a choice, turn it away or take one. Yes, you could look cool in your friend’s eyes, but in adults eyes you look stupid. Not a lot of people will turn down these two things down and we can hope and hope that they will. We can’t babysit them forever and if that’s the choice, well they will be like me and living with it the rest of their lives. Peer pressure is a big deal now days, kids think it is cool and then just push that idea into other kid’s heads. Most parents are helping their kids, by buying it for them or they are just completely oblivious to it. What I mean about that is that they don’t want to know if their kid is doing bad things or not. They just want to see the good in their children.
Another reason young kids smoke and drink is because of the risk factor. Take a risk; it gets your...

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Alcohol and Tobacco: A Deadly Duo

Cancer of the upper respiratory and alimentary tracts claimed over 23,000 lives in 1989 and 57,000 additional cases were diagnosed. The majority of individuals who fall prey to this type of cancer are males who abuse both alcohol and tobacco.

The Risk

The fact that the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus, lip, tongue, mouth, pharynx or larynx, increases dramatically in people who are heavy users of alcohol and tobacco is substantiated by 30 years of collective research. Studies demonstrate that the risk to individuals dually addicted far outweighs the risk to individuals who abuse only one substance. This confirmed link between alcohol and tobacco abuse and an increased risk in…show more content…

Another study, which compared male and female alcoholics enrolled in an army drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to non-alcoholic army personnel and their relatives, affirmed the smoking-drinking association. The report found that individuals who were alcoholics smoked an average of 49 cigarettes per day, but that the non-alcoholic subjects smoked only 13 cigarettes per day. In addition, the study established a high correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked and the grams of alcohol consumed by alcoholics, as opposed to a very weak association for the non-alcoholic control group.

In a similar report, 58 percent of the non-drinkers were non-smokers, but the individuals who were alcoholics did not abstain from smoking. The finding that smokers who did not drink smoked significantly less than smokers who did drink was further substantiated in additional studies.

Why Do Many Drinkers Smoke More?

Studies released in the late 1950s, correlating heavy coffee consumption with smoking and drinking, suggested that a strong oral drive caused drinkers to smoke more frequently. However, new evidence suggests that a strong oral drive is not the culprit.

In one study, alcoholics who had successfully stopped drinking demonstrated no appreciable increase in smoking. In fact, some even smoked less with alcohol abstinence. If a strong oral drive was responsible for the

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