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Included with the Common Application, Coalition Application, and Georgia Tech questions is one long essay and two short answer essays. The purpose of the essays is to assess your writing ability and, more importantly, to learn more about you as an individual. This portion of the application helps us get to know you, assess mutual fit and better understand what you could contribute to Georgia Tech.

2018 Essay Prompts

Common Application Personal Essay

2018 freshman applicants will choose from one of seven prompts.

Coalition Application Personal Essay

2018 freshman applicants will choose from one of five prompts.

Georgia Tech Short Answer Questions

Additionally, you will be asked to respond to the prompts below. 

  1. Beyond rankings, location, and athletics, why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech? (max 150 words)
  2. Please choose ONE of the following questions and provide an answer in 150 words or less.
    • Tech’s motto is Progress and Service. We find that students who ultimately have a broad impact first had a significant one at home. What is your role in your immediate or extended family? And how have you seen evidence of your impact on them?  
    • Georgia Tech is always looking for innovative undergraduates. Have you had any experience as an entrepreneur? What would you like Georgia Tech to provide to further your entrepreneurial interests?
    • We challenge our students to "be comfortable being uncomfortable". Tell us about a time in high school that you felt outside of your comfort zone and the resolution.
What We Are Looking For

Essays are evaluated for both content and writing/grammatical skills. So, before submitting your application, you should take the time to edit and review your essay thoroughly. The traits of a strong essay include ones that:

  • Demonstrate authenticity
  • Brings you to life on paper
  • Are excellent in topic, style, and grammar
  • Demonstrate thoughtfulness

Our advice for completing this portion of the application

  • Get started early. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your essays!
  • Write and edit your essay in a document editor. Once you have the final draft, you can cut and paste it into your online application.
  • Don’t overthink it. It may not be easy to write about yourself, but just write what you feel most comfortable with.
  • Don’t write what you think we want to read. Write what you want to say!
  • Don’t blow off the essay! We wouldn’t ask you to write it if we didn’t find it to be an important way to get to know you, and what you have to bring to Georgia Tech.

With this essay, Georgia Tech gauges if applicants are truly interested in the university’s offerings or are simply intrigued by its name value. The key here is to showcase to the admissions officers that you see yourself thriving at Georgia Tech. Don’t let the low word count lull you to sleep. This question is vital to demonstrating your interest in the university.


But remember, this question is still about you. Ensure that you discuss topics such as how you will fit into the campus community or how you will improve the university. There are three foundational steps to taking on this essay: research, pinpoint, and personalize.



For this step, find out as much about Georgia Tech as you possibly can. The more that you know about the university, the more easily you will be able to express why you want to be a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. Georgia Tech rewards applicants who demonstrate thoughtfulness in expressing why they want to attend the university.


Helpful resources for this include:



Remember, the essential aspect here is to learn how you can take advantage of Georgia Tech’s opportunities and unique characteristics.



Since this essay is only 150 words, there is no space to waste. This means that you should focus on one aspect (at most two) of Georgia Tech that resonates with you. Your essay shouldn’t read like a list, but rather should give admissions officers a compelling idea of what you will bring to Georgia Tech. This strategy is most impactful if you choose something distinctive about the school.


The aspect of Georgia Tech you choose to hone in on does not need to be academic. For example, Georgia Tech is known for its school spirit. A powerful essay could describe how an applicant who planned and promoted school events during high school strives to cultivate a school identity similar to that of Georgia Tech.


If you’re looking to highlight a strength of Georgia Tech’s engineering culture without sounding cliché, you could bring up the Invention Studio, describing how much you’re looking forward to tinkering around with new gadgets. Connecting this to your desire to create and innovate new technological masterpieces would be a great way to add a personal element. In this way, you can showcase that your personality blends perfectly with Georgia Tech’s school atmosphere and values.



Now that you have an idea of what to write about, you should express something about yourself.


One way to do so is to discuss an extracurricular activity you participated in during high school and how you plan to delve deeper at Georgia Tech. For instance, an applicant interested in the environment might discuss her summer internship researching solar energy and how she plans to continue innovative research through Georgia Tech’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.


Georgia Tech seeks students who are passionate and authentic. To demonstrate these qualities in your writing, strive to show, not tell. If writing about your interest in Georgia Tech’s study-abroad program, don’t tell the admissions officers that you like traveling and going to art exhibits. Rather, share an anecdote about how visiting the Louvre in France changed your perspective on the importance of art in society.

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